Accident Compensation Claims

There are many, many different circumstances in which you may wish to make accident compensation claims. Accident compensation claims arise when there is evidence to suggest that you, or a family member, have been involved in an accident where somebody else was to blame. Their involvement in your accident may have been purely innocent, but if there are reasons to believe this person (or corporation, or government agency) was negligent in any way, you could be entitled to make an accident compensation claim.

Obviously, your first priority after an accident is to ensure that appropriate medical treatment is administered and, if you feel that there are grounds for an accident compensation claim, your attendance at a hospital or doctor´s surgery will be recorded in your medical history to support your case.

When children are involved, it is the parent or guardian who must originate accident compensation claims, and if not present at the scene try to establish from independent witnesses how the accident was caused. Frequently, this is not always possible and sometimes the parent too has been involved in the accident.

You should contact an accident compensation solicitor at the first possible opportunity after an accident has occurred to discuss your potential claim.

Making Accident Compensation Claims

Another reason to speak with an expert accident compensation solicitor is that when the liable party or their representatives are aware that an accident was their fault, they will often attempt to make an offer of recompense which may be completely inadequate for the trauma you have suffered and the potential for future loss of earnings or medical expenses. Of course it is tempting to take this seemingly “easy” money but usually it is not advisable.

Because of this potential for inadequate payments, we supply a free advice linefor anybody considering accident compensation claims. Our advice is completely without obligation and will help you determine whether you should accept an early settlement or pursue an accident compensation claim. It costs nothing to find out more, so call our free advice line as soon as you can on 1800 911 940 or request we call you back by filling in the form on the left.

What we promise to provide:

  • 100% Speak to a specialist Accident Compensation Claim solicitor
  • 100% Discreet, accurate advice and counsel
  • 100% A full legal service for you and your family
  • 100% A fast assessment on your chances of success
  • 100% Complete support throughout the claims procedure
  • 100% No pressure or legal jargon

What Else You Need to Know:

Occasionally, we may have to ask invasive or sensitive questions. This is only to help us prepare a stronger case for your accident compensation claim, but it is better to let you know in advance that this may happen. We appreciate that you may be feeling emotionally delicate after suffering an accident, and will treat you courteously throughout.

Before you decide to proceed with an accident compensation claim, you will be advised of the length of time the process is likely to take, your chances of success and the general level of compensation you may receive. At no time will we put you under pressure to proceed – this decision has to be yours alone.

Our initial service is free, but there may be charges further along the way. Normally legal fees are added to your settlement so you will not be out of pocket. As each case is individual, we cannot give you a breakdown before speaking with you. However as soon as the full facts regarding your accident compensation claim are known, we will advise you of any charges before you decide whether or not to proceed.

If you would like to speak with an accident compensation claims solicitor and find out more, please call our free advice line on 1800 911 940 or complete the call back form and we will arrange to ring you at a convenient time.

Please let us know the nature of your accident, so we can ensure you will be speaking with the most appropriate solicitor for your injuries. Thank you.