Back Injury Compensation Claim

Your long term health comes before any back injury compensation claim, and because of the serious nature of a back injury, it is essential that you seek medical assistance at the first possible moment.

Although you may feel okay immediately after suffering an accidental back injury, a cracked vertebrae or compressed spinal nerve can lead to very serious problems if not diagnosed correctly, and a child suffering from a back injury could have development problems later in life.

Accidental back Injuries can be caused by a variety of reasons – from a fall, tripping or slipping on an poorly maintained surface, road traffic accident, work injury or even though medical negligence – and when you believe that your injury may have been caused by the lack of care by a third party, it is advisable to contact a specialist injury compensation claims solicitor to enquire about the possibility of back injury compensation.

Making a Back Injury Compensation Claim

Frequently, and especially in the event of an accident that may seem minor at the time, back injury sufferers receive inadequate compensation to justify their reduced quality of life caused by frequent periods of pain and the possibility of prolonged medical treatment. Although it is advisable to speak with a specialist in back injury compensation claims at the first convenient opportunity, “jumping the gun” and pursuing back injury compensation before there is the opportunity to assess the extent of the injury is not always recommended.

Instead, it is better to have an initial no-obligation discussion with one of our claims solicitors. Whilst monitoring your medical condition, we can investigate whether there is a case for liability to be answered and begin to prepare details for submission of your back injury compensation claim. You can contact us on our free advice telephone number 1800 911 940 or via the call back form above.

Our Promise:

  • 100% We offer free advice without any obligation
  • 100% Our solicitors are experienced in back injury compensation
  • 100% They offer accurate and impartial advice
  • 100% No pressure is put on you to proceed

What You Can Expect:

We will make an initial assessment as to whether you have a back injury compensation claim that may be worth pursuing.

We will advise you in respect of the length of time that the claim may take to resolve and the procedures that are involved.

We will also offer an estimate of the general level of compensation for your back injury and the amount of any costs that may be involved.

If you believe that you were the victim of a back injury that was not 100% your fault, the best step is to call our free advice line for an informal discussion with a specialist back injury claims advisor.  1800 911 940

If now is not a convenient time, please use the form on the left to request a call back when it is more suitable for you to speak with us and one of our team will get back in touch.