Bed Bug Bites in Hotel Claim

Can I make a bed bug bites in hotel claim since the hotel I stayed in last week was infested and I had a terrible reaction after being bitten all night?

You should be entitled to make a bed bug bites in hotel claim, if it is established that the injuries you sustained were sufficiently serious to call for medical treatment and that your injuries were caused as a result of a breach in the hotel’s legal duty of care to its guests.

A bed bug bites in hotel claim must be supported by your medical records which should demonstrate that you were treated medically for your injuries following your reaction as first aid or self-administered treatment cannot show adequate proof when making a compensation claim against a hotel for bed bug bites.

It must also be shown that the hotel room you stayed in was not clean or safe enough for guests to use and signified a health hazard. The hotel should have made sure that the problem was hastily resolved if an infestation had been found, and staff should not have allowed guests to use the room until the problem was satisfactorily handled.

It must be noted that the viability of your bed bug bites in hotel claim will depend on the number of bites sustained, the adverse reaction to the bites and the repercussions to your quality of life. Even though bed bug bites can be painful and unsightly, the discomfort one feels tends to be short-term. If you believe your claim is worth pursuing, you would be advised to discuss it with an experienced solicitor who can assess if the value of your claim validates the costs you may incur in making it.