Bike Accidents Compensation Guide

It is quite clear that whether riding a simple bicycle or a powerful motorbike, bike riders are at a huge disadvantage on the roads. Even with an expensive helmet and state of the art biking leathers, a motorcycle rider has little real protection in any major impact and the average cyclist has even less.

Seek Professional Guidance

Often those who suffer a bike or motorcycle accident are unsure of whether they have a valid claim. The best course is to talk to a solicitor as soon as possible after the event. Our free advice help line is here to let you talk in confidence to an experienced bike accident compensation lawyer.

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Compared with those sitting inside a car, bike riders have no protection at all – not even the safety restraint of a seat belt, the lack of which can lead to serious or fatal injury when a rider is catapulted off his bike and onto the road or against a tree.

Bike riders are at further disadvantage because of the relative size of their vehicle. Bicycles and motorbikes can easily slip into the infamous ’blind spot’ of any car driver but this is especially so in the case of goods trucks or lorry drivers.

Even the most careful of drivers are prone to lose sight of a bicycle or motorbike and this leads to common accidents like:

  • – Hitting a cyclist when the car pulls out of a side road
  • – Cutting across the road in front of a bike rider causing a collision.
  • – Opening the door of a stationary vehicle right in the path of an oncoming motorbike or bicycle.

Cyclists are also more prone to losing control where the road surface is in disrepair. A chemical spill, broken surface, pot holes or debris can send a bike into a skid. The resulting impact can be deadly – even more so if the loss of control happens on a busy road.

Bike Accident Compensation – Special Circumstances

One thing that sometimes happens is that the car driver, having clipped a cyclist, drives on and does not stop to exchange information. This can be because the bike was in the blind spot mentioned above and the driver simply did not notice the impact. Unfortunately there are other cases, as with that of Mr McCahey below, in which (according to Mr McCahey’s account) the driver stopped immediately after the impact and then took off as soon as he saw the hurt cyclist moving.

You are still entitled to seek compensation even if you do not have the details of the car and driver.

In 2006, 65 year old Patrick McCahey was cycling along Chapel Street in Carrickmacross when a car pulled out from a parked position and struck him. He was thrown from his cycle and in the process broke his leg.

The car stopped briefly and then sped off. Through his pain, Mr McCahey managed to scribble down the license number. Given the shock and confusion which surrounds any accident, it could not be proven that he had managed to get the number down correctly.

The compensation case could therefore not be brought against the driver and was instead brought against the Motor Insurance Board of Ireland. Mr McCahey was awarded €65,700 which took into consideration general damages and damages into the future.

Should you engage a solicitor?

In Ireland the Injuries Board handle almost all compensation cases. Although it is not necessary to engage a solicitor it is advisable to do so and approximately 90% of claimants choose to make their compensation claim with the support of a lawyer. On the one hand, a solicitor will help you prepare the most compelling case and on the other, with his guidance you will be much less likely to accept less than that to which you are actually.