Book of Quantum for Injuries

The Injuries Board Book of Quantum was introduced under Section 22 of the Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004 for use by both the Injuries Board Ireland and the Courts in Ireland to assess the level of damages to be awarded in a claim for compensation where injuries have been sustained by a claimant in a scenario created by a negligent party – the defendant. Examples of when the Injury Board Book of Quantum may be referred to are:

  • Following a road traffic accident where you have suffered whiplash because an inattentive driver collided with you.
  • An accident at work in which you have broken your wrist because your employer has failed to maintain health and safety standards.
  • A trip at a restaurant causing a cheek fracture when leakage from an ice making machine has not been identified as a hazard and cleaned up. 

The Injuries Board Book of Quantum subdivides the different types of injury one can sustain in an accident – for example, head injury, arm injury, leg injury, internal injury. It allocates a range of compensation “values” depending on whether the claimant is likely to recover quickly from their injuries, have a protracted recovery period or not recover at all (for example – a limb loss).

Inasmuch as it has generally helped reduce the period of time that it takes for a claim for compensation to be processed, the Injuries Board Book of Quantum has several omissions and is not completely comprehensive in its coverage of potential injuries.

Issues with the Injuries Board Book of Quantum

It is unrealistic to expect any publication to be wholly comprehensive in covering every type and degree of injury and so there are many instances where the Injuries Board Book of Quantum fails to offer a suitable level of compensation. One of the most common is with work-related repetitive strain injuries. Many of these are “non-anatomical” and therefore cannot be described as a dislocated “this”, or broken “that”. Furthermore, if you were to have a pre-existing condition at the time of your accident – such as blindness in one eye – and your accident took away the sight in your other eye, the Injuries Board Book of Quantum would only assess the damage sustained in the accident and not compensate for total loss of vision.

There is no distinction in the Injuries Board Book of Quantum for the age of the victim when the injury is sustained. Whereas it is devastating for an older person to suffer behavioural disorders following a skull fracture in an accident, surely it is more so for a young child who should be compensated accordingly? This is why the Law Society recommends that, if you are considering a claim for compensation after sustaining an injury in an accident which is not your fault, you should always speak with a specialist personal injury claims solicitor. The Injuries Board Book of Quantum is a publication which is now six years out of date, and a solicitor will have accurate and up-to-date information about the levels of compensation which are currently being awarded.

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In all cases, we would like you to tell us how you sustained your injuries, whether they were in an accident or developed over a period of time, what medical treatment was administered, whether you have been able to return to work or whether your treatment is ongoing. Further elements such as the impact your injuries have had on your quality of life are also important when assessing a claim for compensation and we would like to hear about those also.

If appropriate, we will make a preliminary assessment of your claim for compensation, advise you if you have a case which it is worth your while to pursue and advise you of the likelihood of your success. If you have already made a claim or are asking about an assessment that has already been made by the Injuries Board Ireland, we will review its current status and advise you accordingly.

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