Brain Injury Claims

Brain injury can vary considerably, from a minor one resulting in nausea, giddiness or brief unconsciousness, through to a victim being left in a persistent vegetative state.

Road traffic accidents are the leading cause of brain injury compensation claims, but many result from trauma due to sports related accidents.

Medical evidence suggests that if a person has suffered a concussion, the probability of their suffering another concussion will be three times higher and some reports suggest that even three concussions will result in permanent and irreversible brain damage.

Schools and amateur sports clubs must assume responsibility for negligence in cases where they continue to allow children to play a sport where they knew the child had suffered previous head injuries.

Can I claim compensation for a brain injury?

When negligence is the cause of a brain injury, the victim and their family are entitled to recover all their damages including all current and future medical and care costs, pain and suffering, loss of current and future earnings, loss of enjoyment and the families may also be entitled to be compensated if they are forced to change their circumstances and lifestyle in order to care for their loved one.

However, claiming brain injury compensation is a complex area that requires specialist legal expertise. In many cases, people who make a brain injury claim, settle for an amount that does not truly compensate them for the suffering they experience.

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