Broken Nose Injury Compensation Claim

A broken nose injury is the most common facial fracture and, apart from being swollen and painful to touch, can lead to far more serious health issues. For the nose to get broken there is usually considerable impact to the head – impact which can also cause the muscles of the neck being over-extended and result in whiplash-like injuries. A broken nose compensation claim could also become more complicated if the lining of the septal cartilage is damaged, leading to a permanent deformity which blocks the nasal passage and disables breathing through the nose.

Therefore, whenever you have sustained a broken nose you should visit the accident and emergency department of your local hospital or consult your family GP as soon as possible. Surgery may be required to correct any damage that has been caused by the accident, and sometimes even plastic surgery is needed to reshape the face. Thereafter, where the cause of your accident can be ascribed to the negligence of another person, you should consult with a solicitor about making a broken nose injury compensation claim.

Making a Broken Nose Injury Compensation Claim

Making a broken nose injury compensation claim is always best done with the assistance of an experienced personal injury solicitor. A solicitor will be able to advise you about claiming the full amount of broken nose injury compensation you are entitled to, plus any special damages in respect of out of pocket expenses or loss of earnings. Special damages could be vital if your face has been disfigured because of the broken nose injury, and you need plastic surgery to repair the damage.

Your claim for broken nose injury compensation is made to the Injuries Board Ireland, and it is always better to have your application form comprehensively completed by a legal professional in case there are any issues over liability, or the Injuries Board Ireland assesses your broken nose injury claim inadequately and leaves you undercompensated. It is better to have a solicitor involved from the very beginning when making a broken nose injury compensation claim so that, in any event where you may experienced difficulty claiming broken nose injury compensation, you do not have to start over again.

Free Broken Nose Injury Claim Advice

Because there are a number of issues which can affect a broken nose injury compensation claim – both medically and legally – we have established a free broken nose injury claim advice service. You are invited to call 1800 911 940 if you have suffered a broken nose injury because of somebody else´s negligence and need advice about maximising your broken nose injury compensation claim. Our service enables you to speak for free with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor, discuss your entitlement to broken nose injury compensation and find out how much broken nose injury compensation you should receive.

Our lines are open from 8.00am to 10.00pm seven days a week, and there is no obligation on you to proceed with a claim for broken nose injury compensation once you have spoken with us. Our service is entirely confidential, and if you have sustained a broken nose injury in the course of your employment, all contact with an employer is done with the maximum of discretion in order to avoid the potential for an awkward workplace confrontation.

Call us now on 1800 911 940 or if you cannot speak now please fill in the form on the left and we will call you back.

Our Promise to You:

  • 100% Helpful and practical advice in plain English
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  • 100% Complete confidentiality and discretion assured

What You Can Expect When You Call

We have been providing advice for many years to clients seeking to make compensation claims for personal injury, and understand that you will have been shaken by your accident and possibly still recovering from your broken nose injury.

Consequently we will listen carefully as you describe to us how your broken nose injury occurred, what treatment you received at the time of your accident and if there is any further treatment anticipated. It would also help to tell us what impact your broken nose injury has made to your quality of life.

We will try to establish that you have a broken nose injury compensation claim which it is worth your while to pursue, explain to you the procedures involved, how long we anticipate they would take and how much broken nose injury compensation we would expect you to receive.

We welcome any questions you may have regarding making a broken nose injury compensation claim and, before the end of each initial conversation, will summarise what we have discussed to ensure that you have understood the answers and the advice we have given you.

You are under no obligation to act on any of our suggestions, and many of our clients have found it useful to take a little time to consider our advice or discuss it with family and friends. If these discussions lead to more questions about a broken nose injury claim, you are of course welcome to call our free advice service again.

It is in your best interests not to delay your initial call to our free broken nose injury claim advice service, as under the Statute of Limitations you only have a certain period of time from the date on which you sustained the broken nose injury to make a claim for compensation.
Therefore, please call 1800 911 940 at your earliest possible opportunity, or complete your contact details in the box at the foot of the page and one of our experienced personal injury claims solicitors will be in touch to discuss your broken nose injury compensation claim with you.