Bruising Injury Compensation Claim

Bruises can be acquired in all types of accident. They are usually indicative of a blunt trauma which has not broken the skin, but caused damage to capillaries that release blood which then gets trapped beneath the skin. Most bruising injuries are minor and clear up by themselves within a couple of days. However, if you have been injured in an accident and sustained a severe bruise through the negligence of another, you will be entitled to make a bruising injury compensation claim.

Severe bruises need urgent medical attention for, as the bruise develops, the accumulation of blood and other excess fluids will cause a hard lump or swelling haematoma, which has the potential to block the blood flow to other tissues and organs. Although rest, ice, compression and elevation would be the normal treatment for a bruise, severe bruising injuries may require hospitalisation until the swelling starts to recede. Once there is no further danger of permanent damage, you should consult with a solicitor about making a bruising injury compensation claim.

Making a Bruising Injury Compensation Claim

A claim for bruising injury compensation is always best made with the help of an experienced personal injury solicitor. He will construct the strongest bruising injury claim in order that you receive the maximum amount of bruising injury compensation possible. He will also ensure that any out of pocket expenses you have incurred or loss of earnings due to hospitals visits (or indeed hospitalisation) are recovered as part of the bruising injury compensation claim.

A solicitor will also be the best person to advise you if the person liable for your bruising injuries denies their liability for your injuries or claims that you contributed to them by your own actions. In these situations, the Injuries Board Ireland will decline to make an assessment on your bruising injury claim and will issue you with an authorisation to pursue your claim in court.

Should this happen, or should there be a dispute over the final assessment made by the Injuries Board Ireland, it is far better if you have had a solicitor involved from the very beginning of your bruising injury compensation claim to prevent the need of having to start all over again. Therefore, if you have been hurt in an accident which was not your fault and sustained a bruising injury, you are invited to call our free bruising injury claims advice service.

Free Bruising Injury Claims Advice

Our free bruising injury claims advice service enables you to speak directly with an experienced solicitor, discuss your bruising injury claim with us and discover how much bruising injury compensation you may be entitled to. We will also provide you with some helpful and practical advice about making a claim for bruising injury compensation and information about the “special damages” you may also be entitled to receive.

The number to call is 1800 911 940 and our lines are open from 8.00am to 10.00pm, seven days a week. All calls to our free bruising injury claims advice service are completely confidential and there is no obligation on you to proceed with a bruising injury compensation claim once you have spoken with us.

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Our Promise to You:

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What You Can Expect When You Call

When you call our free bruising injury claims advice service, you can expect to be treated with the utmost courtesy, and respect for the physical trauma you have recently suffered. Initially, we would like to hear how you came to sustain your bruising injury and what treatment you received.

Thereafter, we would like you to tell us about what impact your bruising injury has made to the quality of your life and why you believe the person who caused your accident was negligent. You are, of course, welcome to ask any questions you may have throughout our conversation.

Once we have established that you have a claim for bruising injury compensation which is worth your while to pursue, we will advise you of the procedures involved, how long we expect your claim could take to resolve, and how much bruising injury compensation we anticipate you would receive.

We usually close your first call to our free bruising injury claims advise service with a summary of what we have discussed – ensuring that you have no further questions to ask – and providing you with a selection of options for you to consider.

You are under no obligation to act upon our suggestions or proceed with a bruising injury compensation claim, and many of our clients have preferred to reflect on our advice or discuss it with family and friends before deciding to go ahead with a bruising injury claim.

We would advise you, however, not to leave it too long before contacting us. Claims for bruising injury compensation can be time-barred if not acted upon within a certain period. So please call 1800 911 940 at your earliest possible opportunity to speak with a solicitor for free, or leave your details in the contact form at the foot of the page and one of our helpful team will get back in touch with you.