Can I Claim for an Injury Caused by a Shopping Trolley?

Can I claim for an injury caused by a shopping trolley if it caused me to seriously damage my back?

You may be able to receive a positive answer to ‘can I claim for an injury caused by a shopping trolley?’, as long as it can be established that the shopping centre breached their legal duty of care to provide you with a safe environment in which to shop. According to this tenet, the shop should supply their customers with fully operational trolleys and if it can be proven that the shop failed to adhere to legal obligations, you should be able to claim compensation for a shopping trolley injury.

Each accident that occurs on the shop’s premises should be documented in their “Accident Report Book”. You should submit a written statement into the shop’s book in order to substantiate your injury claim for shopping trolley accident. In addition, it may be discovered by reading the Accident Report Book that other similar accidents have occurred in the past, which could provide further evidence of the supermarket’s negligence.

As your health should always be your top priority, you should have sought prompt medical treatment following the accident. By doing this you would not only have alleviated your pain but the medical practitioner who examined you would have updated your medical records to include the injury you sustained from the trolley, which could also be used to add weight to your claim. Please be aware, however, that any gap between the date the injury was sustained and when you finally sought medical attention could see the value of your compensation settlement being reduced.

By requesting footage recorded of the accident by the shop’s CCTV the possibility of an affirmative answer to ‘can I claim for an injury caused by a shopping trolley?’ will further rise. By giving the time and date of the accident and a brief description of yourself, the resulting images may serve as proof that the supermarket was indeed responsible for your injury in their failure to provide a customer with a properly functional trolley.

You may be approached with an early offer of compensation for a shopping trolley injury by the shop’s insurance company, should the shop accept their liability. While this offer may be a reasonable and fair representation of the injuries you received and how they have affected your daily quality of life, you would be well advised to refer it to an experienced personal injury claims solicitor who can establish whether or not it is worth accepting when they perform their own assessment of your injury claim for shopping trolley accident.

For a definitive answer to ‘can I claim for an injury caused by a shopping trolley?’ you would be strongly recommended to discuss the circumstances of your accident and subsequent injury with a solicitor at the first practical opportunity. If your claim is deemed viable, your solicitor would be able to assist in collating evidence, completing any of the standard procedures mentioned above, and preparing a thorough case file to maximise the probability of success.