Can I Claim for Walking Into a Glass Door in a Shop?

Can I claim for walking into a glass door in a shop because I did not notice it was there and broke my nose?

The answer to ‘can I claim for walking into a glass door in a shop?’ is that you should be able to claim if it can be proven that the door in question was faulty or was not sufficiently marked. In addition, it must be established that a failure in duty of care should be assigned to the people responsible for the door’s maintenance for not making the door conspicuous or by not having the fault repaired in an acceptable period of time.

The first thing you should have done following the accident is to have sought medical treatment for your injury. Your compensation for walking into shop glass door claim could be supported by your medical records if they were updated by the medical practitioner who examined you. Please bear in mind that any delay in professional medical attention could lead to a reduction in the amount of compensation you could be eligible for to reflect your own lack of care.

There are some other procedures that are recommended that should be taken immediately after such an accident in order to obtain evidence of the shop’s negligence. If you have not already done so, a beneficial step to take when making an injury claim for walking into glass door compensation would be to have the details of your injury recorded in the business’s “Accident Report Book”. The written statement of your version of events could add substance to your claim, and serves as proof that the shop management has acknowledged that the accident occurred on their premises.

To add to the possibility of a positive answer to ‘can I claim for walking into a glass door in a shop?’, you should have collected the details of any witnesses to the accident and taken photographs of the scene. It is also possible to access any CCTV footage of the time of the accident and this can give a good indication of how long the hazard had been in its unsafe state and the efforts taken by staff to rectify the problem.

If you have not completed all of the procedures mentioned above it may still be possible to claim compensation for walking into shop glass door. By engaging a solicitor at the first practical moment, he or she can assess your injury claim for walking into glass door compensation and will be able to determine if it is worth pursuing. If you have a viable claim, your solicitor could assist with the collection of evidence to prove that the shop was responsible for your injury and could help in carrying out the procedures that you have not yet completed.

If your solicitor answers ‘yes’ to ‘can I claim for walking into a glass door in a shop?’, he or she can begin to prepare a cohesive and thorough case file in order to maximise the probability of success and of recovering compensation for your injury in the quickest time possible.