Claim Compensation for Dublin Bus Accident

Because I was injured when the bus I was traveling in crashed can I claim compensation for Dublin Bus accident?

You may be able to claim compensation for Dublin Bus accident, provided that the accident in which you suffered bus crash injuries can be proven to have been caused by the negligence of the bus driver or another road user. If the driver failed in his or her duty of care to provide their passengers with a safe travelling experience, it should be possible to make a compensation claim against the bus company. On the other hand, if the bus crash was caused by the negligence of another road user, you still may be able to pursue a claim for Dublin Bus crash compensation.

There are a number of procedures that you should complete in order to support your Dublin Bus injury claim. The one advantage of being a passenger claiming compensation for a bus accident is that there are likely to be a number of fellow accident victims whose witness testimonies can add weight to your claim. In addition to collecting the contact and insurance details of negligent party, you should, therefore, have exchanged contact information with fellow passengers who had sustained bus crash injuries.

However, while it would seem imperative to have collected as much evidence of negligence as possible at the scene of the bus accident, your health should always be your first priority and you should have sought immediate medical attention for your injuries following the accident. If your injuries are found to have been worsened because you failed to have them examined by a medical practitioner at the first possible moment, the amount of Dublin Bus compensation you are eligible for may be reduced to reflect your own lack of care.

In order to determine how much in damages you may receive if you attempt to claim compensation for Dublin Bus accident, it is recommended that you speak with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor as soon after receiving professional medical treatment as possible. Your solicitor can evaluate the amount of compensation you may qualify for in the free initial consultation – that most solicitors offer – and if they confirm your right to pursue a Dublin Bus injury claim he or she will ensure that you receive your full entitlement to compensation.

It is, of course, difficult to estimate how much compensation you could receive without a thorough assessment of the nature of your accident, subsequent injuries and how your injuries have affected your quality of life and financial situation. Each claim for Dublin Bus crash compensation is unique – even when injuries sustained are the same – and compensation can only be calculated based on its own individual merits.

In the instance that you are approached by the negligent party’s insurance company with an early offer of compensation for your injuries, the offer should be referred to your solicitor immediately who can determine whether or not each essential element of your claim has been accounted for and if the amount offered adequately reflects your injuries and the impact they have had on your life, or if you would be better served to claim compensation for Dublin Bus accident.