Claim Compensation from Hairdresser for Burns from Bleaching Hair

How do I know if I can claim compensation from hairdresser for burns from bleaching hair?

n order to be able to claim compensation from hairdresser for burns from bleaching hair it must be proven that the injury you sustained was the result of a third party’s negligence. The hair salon has a responsibility toward their customers’ health and safety and if they fail in this legal duty of care, causing an accident to occur, the victim may be entitled to claim compensation against them.

You would most likely be eligible to claim for bleaching hair burns from hairdresser if your hair stylist neglected to perform a patch test. An experienced professional hairdresser should know to administer a patch test on their client’s hair before administering the treatment in order to calculate the length of time to leave a bleaching agent in their hair, and a failure to perform this test would have demonstrated negligence and would consequently be grounds for claiming burns from bleach by hairdresser compensation.

Before you claim compensation from hairdresser for burns from bleaching hair, there are a number of procedures that should be completed in order to substantiate your claim. The most important of these procedures is to have sought medical attention immediately. Even if your injury did not require the presence of an ambulance, you should have at least made an emergency appointment with your GP. Aside from safeguarding your health, the medical professional who treated your burns would have recorded the details of your injury in your medical history which is a vital element in your claim for bleaching hair burns from hairdresser.

If you have not already done so, you should return to the hair salon and have your injury recorded in their Accident Report Book. It is important that you retain a personal copy that you can present to your solicitor who can refer to it in his or her investigation of your case. For further support, you should take pictures of your injury – on close up shot to demonstrate how visible the burns are and one from a distance to demonstrate their visibility. If possible, the contact details of any witnesses to the accident, including salon staff, should be collected.

If you feel that you may have a valid burns from bleach by hairdresser compensation claim, you would be well advised to consult with an experienced personal injury solicitor at the first practical opportunity. In order to maximise the potential for success, your claim needs to be thoroughly evaluated and professionally prepared. In the free initial consultation – that most solicitors offer – your solicitor could determine your eligibility to claim compensation from hairdresser for burns from bleaching hair, and if confirmed could guide in in the next steps of the claims process.