Claim for Accident in Hotel in Ireland

Can I claim for accident in hotel in Ireland if I slipped on a wet patch on the floor and broke a finger?

It is impossible to confirm your right to claim for accident in hotel in Ireland without knowing the full circumstances of the accident in which you sustained your finger injury; but if it can be proven that your injury was caused due at least in part of the negligence of the hotel, you should be able to recover compensation for hotel accident in Ireland.

Irish hotels are accustomed to inclement weather and should be adequately prepared for the risk of wet patches in areas of public access. If it transpires that the hotel in which you were staying had breached their legal duty of care to prevent or remove slip hazards relating to the weather, you should be eligible to make an injury claim for Irish hotel injury compensation.

That said, a hotel’s duty of care is not “absolute”, which means that if you slipped and fell on liquid that had recently been spilled on the floor – from another guest’s drinking glass, for instance – and hotel staff could not have removed the hazard in a reasonable amount of time, you may not be able to claim compensation. You may only claim for accident in hotel in Ireland if it can be proven that the hazard had been present for an unacceptable amount of time.

Another occasion where you would not qualify to recover compensation for hotel accident in Ireland would be if you were deemed totally responsible for creating the hazard on which you slipped and sustained your injury – such as if you were walking from the shower onto the tiled bedroom floor while still wet. Because you would be deemed entirely to blame for this accident, no injury claim for Irish hotel injury would be possible.

There are some other important criteria to meet before you can be considered eligible to claim compensation for the injury you sustained from slipping on the wet patch in the hotel. An important condition that should be fulfilled is that you sought medical attention from a professional medical practitioner in a timely fashion after your accident occurred. It is important to note that self-administered treatment or first aid do not count as your injuries must be recorded in your official medical notes in order to pursue a claim for hotel injury compensation.

To hear a definitive answer to your question you would be strongly recommended to discuss the circumstances of your accident and injury with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor. Upon assessing your claim for accident in hotel in Ireland, your solicitor can determine its viability and, if your right to claim is confirmed, he or she can guide you in the next steps needed to ensure that you receive your maximum entitlement to hotel injury compensation.