Claim for Accident in Marks and Spencers

Can I claim for accident in Marks and Spencers even when they have offered me 650 Euro for my broken thumb?

The first issue that should be addressed when contemplating making a claim for accident in Marks and Spencers is that no two claims are ever identical and each separate case should be assessed based on its own individual merits. How the injury affects each individual is different and a certain amount of Marks and Spencers accident compensation offered to one person may not be sufficient for another person with a similar injury. You would be well advised, therefore, to speak with an experienced solicitor before accepting the unsolicited offer from the supermarket, as they can assess it appropriately to determine the true amount of injury compensation for a Marks and Spencers accident you are eligible for.

Marks and Spencer’s insurance company may have relied on an online compensation calculator or referenced a previous similar case to determine how much Marks and Spencers accident compensation you should receive. Despite the fact that injury compensation should reflect your age, general state of health prior to the accident and any deterioration to your quality of life, the supermarket’s insurers are likely to have overlooked these vital elements which can make all the difference in your ultimate settlement of compensation.

Several factors should be considered when calculating injury compensation for a Marks and Spencers accident, not least the pain and suffering you have experienced. For example, you may be entitled to claim for emotional trauma if you have suffered psychological distress due to the nature of your accident or injuries. You may also be reimbursed for any financial costs you may have incurred such as medical expenses, loss of earnings or public transport fares if you are unable to drive.

An additional element that should be taken into account when you claim for accident in Marks and Spencers but is difficult to calculate is “loss of amenity”, which refers to any deterioration in your quality of life – if you no longer complete everyday tasks without pain, for example, or participate in social or leisure activities you enjoyed prior to the accident. A compensation offer by the supermarket’s insurers would probably not include this element since without a consultation with the victim with support from expert testimony, it is impossible to know the affect an injury has had on a person’s life.

It is always recommended that you refer any offer of compensation to an experienced solicitor before accepting or deciding to pursue legal action against Marks and Spencers. Your solicitor would likely advice you to maintain a diary to note each time your injury prevents you from living an active, complete life and to retain any receipts for expenses that are directly attributable to the injury. A solicitor will be able to use this information to evaluate the amount of compensation you are genuinely eligible for and will be able to indicate whether the offer from the supermarket is acceptable or if you would be better served by opening a claim for accident in Marks and Spencers.