Claim for Accident in Superquinn

Can I claim for accident in Superquinn if the manager says there was no hazard present when I fell, even though there really was?

Provided that you can prove a hazard was present and the supermarket was responsible for your injury you should be able to make a claim for accident in Superquinn. However, proving negligence can often be difficult, particularly in your case when the manager has denied liability. The hazard that caused your injury – be it a wet floor, or obstruction on the ground – would likely have been removed soon after your accident, which means, of course, that evidence has been removed.

However, it is highly likely that since your accident occurred in Superquinn where the store would probably have CCTV cameras in operation that images of your accident may have been captured on camera. This footage will be of great benefit to your injury from accident in Superquinn compensation claim by establishing that a hazard did in fact exist.

With the assumption that you have received professional medical treatment for your injury, you would be well advised to next speak with a solicitor about pursuing your potential injury compensation for Superquinn accident claim. It is essential to take action as soon as possible, and for your solicitor to obtain access to the security tapes before they are recorded over or erased, especially since it seems likely that the supermarket may contest your claim.

To add further weight to your injury from accident in Superquinn compensation claim there are several other procedures that should be completed, including gathering the details of any witnesses to the accident who can back up your claim. Even though the supermarket manager has denied the existence of a hazard, you should still be able to have your injury documented in the store’s Accident Report Book, where it could be discovered that previous incidents have occurred under similar circumstances.

Even though at this stage it would normally be recommended that you submit an application for assessment of your claim for accident in Superquinn to the Injuries Board Ireland, in your case there may not be a point as they must send a letter to the supermarket requesting permission for the assessment to be carried out. The supermarket could take the full 90 days allowed to give or deny their permission, by which time any evidence of their negligence could be undetectable.

Your engaging a solicitor at the first possible opportunity to inform them of the haste that may be necessary in preparing your injury compensation for Superquinn accident claim is therefore, of the utmost importance. Your solicitor will be able to advice on the strength of your claim for accident in Superquinn and whether it is worth pursuing.