Claim for Accident with a Tourist Car in Ireland

Is it difficult to make a claim for accident with a tourist car in Ireland?

Provided that the accident you were involved in was caused at least in part by the negligence of a third party, and you sustained an injury in the accident that required medical attention, you may claim for accident with a tourist car in Ireland. The claims process should be the same as any other claim for traffic accident injury, as long as you obtained the personal details of the tourist driving the car, and the rental car company’s insurance details – as you will most likely make your tourist car injury claim in Ireland against the rental car company and not the driver of the car. It should also be noted that the Motor Insurer’s Bureau of Ireland can also act as an intermediary for victims of accidents where the liable driver is insured abroad.

There are a number of procedures that you should complete in order to successfully recover tourist car accident in Ireland injury compensation. Top on your list of priorities should have been your health and safety and it is vital that an ambulance was summoned to the scene of a serious accident in order for all injured parties involved in the crash to be professionally examined.

For less serious accidents, you still should have made your own way to the nearest accident and emergency department, or at least made an emergency appointment to see your family GP. Not only will this relieve your health and peace of mind, no claim for accident with a tourist car in Ireland can be made without an official medical document detailing the injuries you sustained. In addition, any delay in seeking medical care can potentially run the risk of the value of your compensation being reduced.

It is vital that any car accident in which injuries were sustained is reported to the Gardai as soon as possible. Even if the Gardai do not attend the scene of a less serious accident, the call to the Gardai will have been recorded and may later be used to support your tourist car injury claim in Ireland. It is also recommended that you attend the local Garda station to have your version of events noted in their Accident Book.

All car accident claims benefit when the names, addresses and insurance details of all drivers involved are exchanged at the scene of the accident and it must be said that claims against tourist drivers would certainly be made more difficult without this information. However, if collecting this information was impossible, there are other methods of collecting evidence such as the use of camera phones and CCTV.

The most effective and straightforward way to make sure that you receive the full amount of tourist car accident in Ireland injury compensation that you are entitled to is to engage the services of an experienced personal injury claims solicitor. Once your right to claim has been confirmed, your solicitor will be able to assist in completing any relevant procedures, if necessary, complete the application for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland on your behalf and could also enter negotiations with the car rental company’s insurance company in an attempt to secure a fair resolution to your claim for accident with a tourist car in Ireland in the quickest time possible.