Claim for Beauty Treatment Gone Wrong

Can I claim for beauty treatment gone wrong against my local salon since my scalp was burnt by bleach?

It may be possible for you to make a compensation claim for beauty treatment gone wrong, provided that it can be established that the injury you sustained was the result of the negligence of the salon owner; all business owners have a legal duty of care to provide their customers with a safe a clean environment. You will likely be able to claim injury for beauty treatment accident compensation if the injury you sustained can be proven to be the result of the negligence of the staff member who was performing the treatment.

You must be aware, however, that the salon’s duty of care is not “absolute”, meaning that you may not qualify to claim injury compensation for botched beauty treatment if staff members could not possibly have “reasonably” prevented the accident.

In order to support your claim for beauty treatment gone wrong and aid in proving the supermarket’s negligence, there are a number of procedures that should be completed. Your first priority should always be your health and it is essential that your injury was treated by a medical practitioner immediately following the accident. The administration of first aid or self-administered treatment does not count as medical attention, as your injury for beauty treatment accident compensation claim needs to be substantiated by official medical records. Even if your injury was not deemed severe enough for an ambulance to have been summoned, you should have at least made an emergency appointment to see your family GP.

It is also highly important that you reported your injury to the salon’s manager and had details of the incident documented in the salon’s Accident Report Book. It may be that similar accidents were recorded in the accident book, and you may be able to use the report as evidence to support your injury compensation for botched beauty treatment claim. The collection of any witness details would also be advantageous, as would photographs of your injury – one close up shot to show how severe it is and another from a distance to demonstrate its visibility.

There is the possibility that, should the salon admit liability, their insurance company may approach you with a direct offer of early compensation for your injury. While it may seem tempting to accept such an offer, you should be aware that claims for botched beauty treatments compensation should incorporate many different factors – not least for the pain and suffering you experienced. However, without knowing all of the details of your particular circumstances; it is unlikely that the insurer’s offer will adequately cover all aspects of your claim. Should you receive such an offer, you should refer it to a personal injury claims solicitor who will be able to confirm whether or not it is worth accepting.

Regardless of whether you receive an unsolicited compensation offer for your claim for beauty treatment gone wrong, you would be strongly recommended to speak with a solicitor experienced in claims for botched beauty treatments. In the free initial consultation – which most solicitors offer – they can provide you with expert information and can determine if you have a claim that is worth pursuing. On assessing your claim, your solicitor will be able to give a preliminary indication on how much compensation you may be entitled to receive.