Claim for Being Knocked Off Scooter by Car

What criteria do I have to meet in order to claim for being knocked off scooter by car?

A number of criteria must be met before you can consider pursuing a claim for being knocked off scooter by car. The circumstances of the accident will help determine your claim’s viability, as will whether or not you suffered a scooter crash injury which required medical care, if the driver of the car can be proven as negligent and if contributory negligence will be an issue. It must be said that even though you were knocked off your scooter by a car, you will not be able to claim compensation unless you have suffered an injury.

Assuming that an injury was sustained in the scooter traffic accident, and that it was treated by a professional medical practitioner, the next step would be to prove that the driver of the car that knocked you down was negligent. It could be claimed that you appeared suddenly on the road and the car driver could not serve out of the way, for instance.

In the scenario where both parties were responsible to some degree for the accident occurring, and for your subsequent injuries, you could still claim compensation; however your final settlement would almost certainly be reduced to account for your own contributory negligence.

In order to determine your right to claim for being knocked off scooter by car, it is recommended that you speak with an experienced personal injury claims at the first practical opportunity. Most solicitors offer a free initial consultation where they can assess your claim and advise on whether it is worth pursuing. Along with discussing the specific details of your accident as the driver of a scooter knocked off their vehicle by a car, your solicitor can factor in other elements like your age, general state of health prior to the accident and the effect your injury has had on your quality of life. In this consultation, you should provide them with any evidence that you have been able to collect.

Immediately following the accident you should have received medical treatment, where your medical records would have been updated and could be used to prove that your scooter traffic accident occurred. You should also provide your solicitor with a copy of the Gardai accident report you should have filed and any receipts and invoices for financial expenses that are directly attributed to the accident for which you wish to be reimbursed.

Once your right to claim for being knocked off scooter by car has been confirmed, your solicitor would be able to launch an investigation into the circumstances of the accident and could assist with carrying out any of the standard procedures that you have not yet completed and with collating evidence to prove the car driver’s negligence. It is important that your claim is professionally prepared in order to maximise the probability of success and of recovering compensation for the , scooter crash injury you sustained when you were knocked off your scooter by a car in the quickest time possible.