Claim for Broken Tooth

Am I eligible to claim for a broken tooth if I broke it after I slipped on a wet patch in a shop?

You should be able to claim for broken tooth compensation if your injury was sustained in an accident for which a third party was to blame; your claim must show that your broken tooth was due to a breach in the third party’s duty of care. If liability is determined and your claim is successful, you should be compensated for the pain you suffered at the time of the accident, the impact your broken tooth has had on your quality of life and any financial costs associated with your injury.

Your medical records are an essential component of evidence in your claim for a broken tooth. It is important that you saw a professional medical practitioner immediately following the accident, not only to ensure that no further damage is done but to reduce the risk of an accusation of contributory negligence.

Some standard procedures should have been carried out to support your claim for a broken tooth; your accident should have been reported to a staff member and recorded in the shop’s Accident Report Book, details of any witnesses should have been collected and, if possible, photographs should have been taken at the scene. For further support, to determine how long the wet patch had been there and the efforts made by staff to clear the hazard, images recorded on CCTV could also have been accessed.

As collecting evidence may not be practical when you are recuperating from the pain of a broken tooth, it would be in your best interests to engage with the services of a solicitor to assist in your claim for broken tooth compensation. Your solicitor would be able to assess your claim, assist you if necessary in gathering evidence and can recommend whether or not you have a viable compensation claim.