Claim for Dog Bite to Postman

My husband was bitten on the hand by a dog and I wanted to know if he can claim for dog bite to postman?

Being bitten by a dog is an unpleasant experience and it is understandable why your husband would like to claim for dog bite to postman compensation. It should be made known, however, that these types of claims can be difficult to pursue. Your husband would benefit greatly with the assistance of an experienced solicitor who could guide him through the process.

Your husband can claim for dog bite to postman compensation if it can be shown that his injury was sustained due to another party’s negligence. In cases such as these, the person responsible would likely be the dog’s owners; perhaps this was not the first or only time the dog had acted viciously and attacked a human, or the dog should possibly have been wearing a muzzle.

There are some procedures your husband should undertake before he attempts to make a claim for dog bite to postman. First and foremost, his injuries should have been treated by a medical professional who would have noted them in his medical history. Additionally, it would be beneficial to have photographs taken of the injury — one close-up to demonstrate the extent of the injury and one from a slight distance to show its visibility.

The incident should also have been reported to the Gardai — and the dog owner identified – in order to support your husband’s claim for dog bite to postman. For further support, the details of any witnesses should have been collected.

Your husband would be well advised to engage with the services of a solicitor, as soon as possible after receiving medical treatment, who could advise him or whether or not he has a viable claim. If so, your husband’s solicitor would be able to assist with any procedures he needs to complete and would be an obliging guide for the next steps he is required to take in order to pursue his claim.