Claim for Injuries Sustained in Three Car Collision

How can I claim for injuries sustained in three car collision?

Before explaining the procedures you need to complete in order to claim for injuries sustained in a three car collision, you should be made aware that claiming compensation for this type of accident can be quite difficult. The most common type of three car crash occurs when a vehicle crashes into a car in front and the car behind is unable to stop in time, causing further damage. Although any of the drivers involved could have been negligent, it is the driver who caused the rear end shunt is usually deemed to be the one primarily to blame for the accident occurring.

Therefore, the main difficulty with recovering three car crash injury compensation would arise from determining which driver or drivers are liable for the injuries you sustained – particularly when each driver’s account of the circumstances of the accident is different.

The first and most important procedure to carry out following the accident is to have sought immediate medical attention for the injuries you sustained. Not only will this step be of benefit to your health and safety; should you wish to pursue an injury claim for three car accident the details of your accident must have been recorded in your medical history. A delay in seeking professional medical treatment could put your claim in jeopardy and without these records a claim for injuries sustained in three car collision could not be made.

Additionally, all road accidents must be reported to the Gardai. If they did not attend the scene of the crash or if you have not already done so, you should visit your local station and submit a report of your version of events to their Accident Book as soon as your injuries allow. If it was possible you should have collected the contact details, vehicle registration numbers and insurance details of all drivers involved in the three car collision. To give further weight to your three car crash injury compensation claim, the contact details of any eye-witnesses should also have been collated.

Because of the highly complicated nature of each injury claim for three car accident, you would be strongly advised to engage the services of an experienced personal injury claims solicitor whose legal expertise would be of invaluable help. Proving liability in a case such as this, or determining the level of contributory negligence of each driver involved in the crash can be extremely complicated, but the likelihood of the victim of a three car collision receiving their deserved amount of compensation would be highly increased with the assistance of an experienced solicitor.

Therefore, for the maximum potential of achieving a successful outcome to a claim for injuries sustained in three car collisions, and to ensure that the claims process goes as smoothly as possible, it is recommended that you speak with a solicitor with experience of dealing with road traffic accident claims at the first practical opportunity.