Claim for Injury from Shop Door

Is it possible to claim for injury from shop door if I was injured because I walked into a glass door that I didn’t notice?

You should be able to claim for injury from shop door as long as it can be established that the door was faulty or not appropriately marked and that another party was at least partly responsible for the injury you sustained. It must be proven that whoever was responsible for the maintenance of the door breached their legal “duty of care” they owe you by failing to repair the fault or make the glass door more visible in an acceptable period of time.

An important aspect of a shop door accident compensation claim is that you sought professional medical treatment for your injury immediately after the accident occurred. Not only will this alleviate your pain and suffering, the medical practitioner will update your medical history to include your shop door injury and this document may later be used as evidence in your injury compensation for a shop door accident claim. Any delay in professional medical care could lead to a reduction of your compensation to reflect your own lack of care.

If you have not already done so, it would be a good idea to return to the shop, report your injury to the manager and have your injury recorded in the shop’s Accident Report Book. This will serve to account for your version of events and can also be used as evidence in your shop door accident compensation claim. For additional support, you should have assembled details from any witnesses and taken photographs of the scene – if your injuries allowed.

You would be strongly recommended to engage a solicitor as soon as possible after seeking medical treatment – even if you have not completed all of the procedures mentioned above. Upon assessing your claim for injury from shop door and confirming its viability, your solicitor will be able to assist with the collation of evidence and documents. You should not delay commencing action however, as the business owner or door operator will likely take action to repair the malfunctioning door or erect warning signs, and by doing this would effectively remove their liability.

In the event that you are approached with an unsolicited offer of injury compensation for a shop door accident by the shop’s insurance company, your solicitor could evaluate their offer and determine whether or not it adequately represents your injury and the affect it has had on your life, and could advise on if it can be satisfactorily accepted.

Most solicitors offer a free initial consultation without charge where they can answer any questions you have regarding your potential case, assess the details of your claim for injury from shop door and give a preliminary estimation of how much compensation you are genuinely eligible to receive.