Claim for Skin Blistering Following Beauty Treatment

Can I make a claim for skin blistering following beauty treatment as the horrendous appearance of my scalp has prevented me from going to work?

You may be entitled to claim for skin blistering following beauty treatment provided that the injury was sustained because of your hair stylist’s negligence. If it can be established that the hair stylist had inadequate training, performed their professional role poorly or was unquestionably negligent, they may be deemed responsible for your injury and it should be possible to recover compensation for beauty treatment skin blistering injury. If you believe the salon to be liable for your injury and wish to claim compensation, you must prove that the beauty salon employer was indeed to blame for your injury.

As it is widely acknowledged that allergies are unpredictable and it is not uncommon for an allergy to develop in between beauty treatment sessions, employees of beauty salons are required to perform a “patch test” on a client prior to administering any sort of treatment with a product that has the potential to cause harm – even if the client and beauty professional had worked together in the past with no negative outcomes. Therefore, it is likely that you could claim skin damage after beauty procedure compensation against the beauty salon if the beauty salon employee did not perform the patch test at least 48 hours before applying the product that caused your skin to blister.

Before commencing action for a claim for skin blistering following beauty treatment, it is recommended that you complete some standard procedures. Your claim must be substantiated with evidence so the first procedure to carry out is to have two photographs taken of your injuries – one close range shot to show how severe the skin blistering is and the other from a slight distance to demonstrate the injury’s visibility.

It would be greatly beneficial to have had your blisters treated medically by your GP – not only to lessen the discomfort but to have the injury recorded in your medical records. This report could serve as evidence in your compensation for beauty treatment skin blistering injury, and the sooner your injury is recorded the better. If you have not already done so, you should return to the salon and have the injury documented in their Accident Report Book, ensuring that you retain a personal copy.

It is possible that the salon may offer you a small amount of skin damage after beauty procedure compensation but you should be aware that this offer may not sufficiently represent the affect your injury has had on your quality of life.

Therefore, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury claims solicitor who can evaluate your claim for skin blistering following beauty treatment by looking at the report you made in the Accident Report Book and the notes in your medical history in the free initial consultation – which most solicitors offer. The compensation proposal from the beauty salon may be found to be an insufficient amount to reflect all aspects of your claim, including the fact that you are unable to attend work, and your solicitor could give you a preliminary indication of how much compensation you are genuinely eligible for.