Claim for Slipping on Wet Floor in Supermarket

Can I claim for slipping on wet floor in supermarket for a broken ankle even though it was raining outside the day of the accident?

It should be possible to claim for slipping on wet floor in supermarket provided that it can be proven that your injury can be traced back to the negligence of the supermarket management or staff. Despite the fact that it had been raining, the supermarket still owes their customers a duty of care to provide them with a safe shopping environment. Because wet floors in shops are a common slip hazard, the supermarket should have ensured that any risk of slipping on the floor was removed.

Please bear in mind, however, that this duty of care is not “absolute” – which means that if it transpires that supermarket staff could not possibly have identified and cleared the wet floor in a “reasonable” amount of time, your compensation for slip on supermarket wet floor claim would likely be unsuccessful.

The most effective way of establishing whether negligence was the cause of your accident is to discuss the circumstance of your injury from slipping on wet floor in supermarket at the first practical moment. Once your right to claim for slipping on wet floor in supermarket has been confirmed, your solicitor can investigate whether similar claims have been made against the supermarket in the past, can speak with supermarket staff members and can access footage captured on CCTV for an indication of how long the floor had been wet and the efforts made my staff to eradicate the problem.

If the supermarket admits their liability for your injury from slipping on wet floor in supermarket, you may be directly approached by their insurance company with an early offer of compensation for slip on supermarket wet floor. Insurers are always eager to avoid legal costs and make such offers in an effort to reduce the amount in damages that they would have to pay out. However, if you have already engaged a solicitor, he or she would have evaluated your case and determined the amount of compensation you should qualify for. They would therefore be able to advice on whether or not the amount offered by the supermarket is a fair and reasonable representation of your injury and the affect it has had on your life.

There is little point in submitting an application for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland until liability has been established and for this reason you would be well advised in speaking with a solicitor at the first possible opportunity – not least to receive an estimation of how much compensation you could receive if your claim for slipping on wet floor in supermarket is successful but also so that he or she could commence assembling evidence as early as possible, before memories begin to fade or security tapes are erased.