Compensation Claim for Cutting Finger

In a compensation claim for cutting finger, how much compensation might I be entitled to? My finger was nearly severed when I caught it on the sharp edge of a machine at work and I may never fully regain movement in that finger.

Since any compensation claim for cutting finger will always be different from another – even when the injuries sustained are the same – it is not possible to accurately determine how much compensation you are eligible to receive. It is possible to indicate a general range of what compensation you might expect, but the value assigned to your individual claim may only be established with detailed medical information and a diagnosis from your doctor.

When a compensation claim for cutting a finger is submitted for assessment to the Injuries Board, a medical evaluation form must be included which should contain a detailed description of the injury and a prognosis on your recovery. The Injuries Board may also arrange for an independent medical examination before they decide the amount of compensation for your cut finger.

There are several elements which have an impact on how much compensation you may receive other than the injury itself. Personal information such as your age, sex and general health prior to the injury can affect the final compensation assessment. Additionally, if you are found to be partially to blame for your injury, your compensation may be reduced to take into account your “contributory negligence”.

The Injuries Board will also consult the Book of Quantum to help calculate the value of your compensation claim for cutting finger, which they will use as a guide to determine how much compensation you should be entitled to. Without further medical information on the exact nature of the damage to your finger, narrowing down the range of compensation with any level of accuracy would be impossible.

Additionally, you would be able to include any expenses that are attributed to your injury in your compensation claim for cutting finger, which could include loss of earnings, medical costs, public transport fares and any other expense associated with your injury that can be validated with receipts or invoices.

You would be well advised to consult with a solicitor at the first practical opportunity for a more accurate calculation of the amount of compensation for a cut finger you should be eligible to receive.