Dublin Compensation Claims

The Republic of Ireland as a whole has a population density of 60 people per square kilometre. Dublin, by comparison, has a population density of 4304 people per square metre – almost 72 times the national average – so it is hardly surprising that compensation claims in Dublin widely outstrip the rest of the country. With a greater amount of industry situated in and around the capital, one of the leading causes of Dublin compensation claims is workplace injuries. According to figures released by the Central Statistics Office, workplace injuries rose steadily each year between 2002 and 2007 with the latest figures revealing the number of reported workplace injuries to be 58.600 per year. 

Whereas it could be conceivable that many of these workplace injuries happen in the construction industry, and thus many of the compensation claims in Dublin were building related, the actual proportion of injuries occurring on building sites reduced over this period, leading analysts to conclude that many more work related accidents are happening in shops, factories and offices. In Dublin, injury compensation claims relating to accidents at work are due to the failure of an employer or their agents to provide a safe working environment for their staff. This may be through a lack of training, building maintenance or faulty equipment. In fact, any form of contributory negligence – where the employer has not taken sufficient precautions to protect employees from possible injury – will almost certainly result in the employer being found liable for injuries sustained in the workplace.

How to Pursue a your Dublin Compensation Claim

Irrespective of whether you accident has happened in the workplace or in any other location where another party is to blame for your injuries, once adequate medical treatment has been administered, you should contact a solicitor familiar with compensation claims.

Dublin has a number of specialist legal firms dealing with personal injury claims and there is good reason to use their services. Once an employer or other liable party is aware that you intend to sue for damages, their usual reaction is to offer an early settlement figure. This figure is frequently insufficient to compensate for the trauma you may have suffered, potential loss of earnings and other out-of-pocket expenses.

It is far better to give us a call via our free advice line on 1800 911 940 and speak with one of our Dublin compensation claim solicitors. They will guide you through the pros and cons of accepting an early settlement and advise you of the procedures if you wish to pursue a full compensation claim. Dublin employers are fully aware of the extra amount of money that this latter course of action will cost them and you may find that their offer is substantially increased, or you may still wish to proceed with legal action.

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What can you expect from your call to our FREE ADVICE LINE?

When you initially contact us, you will speak directly to solicitor familiar with compensation claims in Dublin. They will discuss the nature of your accident, how it happened and your current state of incapacity. If you have a case which is worth pursuing, they will advise you of the procedures involved, the length of time the claim is likely to take and the chances of your success.

They will also advise you of any costs associated with pursuing your Dublin compensation claim and the general level of award you can expect to receive.

Once you have all this information, the decision to proceed with a compensation claim is entirely yours. We will of course be happy to act on your instruction to get you the best possible settlement for your accidental injury.

In Dublin, compensation claims take no longer than anywhere else in the country to process, despite the number of people living in the City, so take a moment today to give us a call on our free advice line 1800 911 940 and see how we can be of assistance.

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