Irish Injury Compensation Examples

Many people who suffer a physical or psychological trauma due to an accident which was not their fault, may be entitled to compensation. Examples of the amount of compensation they may receive can often be misleading, as each case is determined individually and accounts for factors such as future loss of earnings – which would be considerably greater for a young person than it would for somebody older.  Further compensation examples that can be erroneous would include recompense for a trip or fall – which may lead to significant care expenses for an older person who does not heal as quickly as a young person – or where an intangible injury such as psychological trauma is the basis for a personal injury claim.

The Defendant’s insurance company will attempt to settle your case for the lowest possible price and their point of reference may be examples of cases which were settled for figures which were in reality too low in respect of the injuries suffered.

Avoiding the Compensation Trap

The best course of action for anybody involved in an accident is to first sort out their health. No amount of money is ever going to compensate for permanent disability which could have been avoided by swift medical attention, so your focus should be on health first, recompense second.  

When it comes to considering a claim for compensation, take no notice of compensation examples hastily thrust in front of you. Seek professional advice by calling our free advice line on 1800 911 940. There is no obligation for you to proceed with a claim and all calls are treated in the strictest confidence. Even though we will not be able to give you an accurate estimate of compensation until your case is firmly established, at least you will be avoiding the compensation trap.

Our Promise:

  • 100% Speak to a specialist injury compensation solicitor
  • 100% Free advice without obligation
  • 100% Provide a practical listening ear
  • 100% Helpful and courteous at all times
  • 100% Impartial & accurate advice
  • 100% No pressure
  • 100% No legal jargon

What can I expect?

Your initial telephone call is transferred to the solicitor most familiar with your type of accident. They will listen while you explain the circumstances of the incident and the injuries you suffered. They then ask any questions relating to your accident and suggest ways to proceed.

If you choose to go ahead with a claim for personal injury compensation, examples of the procedure will be explained to you. As each case is different, not every claim follows the same structure. However we will guide you throughout and keep you informed with what is happening.

As soon as a fair offer to settle is agreed upon – which may be through the Injuries Board, “out of court” or  via a court hearing – we will arrange to have you compensation with you as quickly as possible.

Don´t take a chance that the compensation examples shown to you may not be genuine. Call us on our free advice telephone number, or complete the call back form on this page and one of our experienced team of solicitors will be in touch within a very short space of time. 1800 911 940