Compensation for Accident in Dublin Zoo

Is it possible to claim compensation for accident in Dublin Zoo if I tripped in a hole in the path and fractured my ankle?

Provided that it can be proven that the injury you sustained was due to a failure of Dublin Zoo to uphold their legal duty of care to provide you and all other visitors with a safe environment in which to enjoy the Zoo, you should be eligible to claim compensation for accident in Dublin Zoo. However, while it may initially seem that your injury was sustained due to the Zoo’s negligence, please bear in mind that the Zoo’s duty of care is not “absolute”.

To explain, if the hazard that caused your injury had only just manifested – due to a large animal being transferred to a new enclosure, for example – and staff members could not possibly have had enough time to cordon off the area or repair the patch, it is unlikely that a claim for Dublin Zoo accident compensation would be successful.

In order to prove the liability of Dublin Zoo, you may be required to obtain witness statements from those who may have seen the hole in the path before you tripped and sustained your injury. These witnesses could include those with whom you were visiting the zoo, and also any member of Zoo staff who may have assisted you after you tripped. This type of testimony would give substantial weight to your injury compensation claim for Dublin Zoo.

Your top priority after an accident should be your health and immediately after your injury was sustained you should have sought medical treatment, not only for the benefit of your health but to have your injury recorded in your medical notes – a vital element in a claim for compensation for accident in Dublin Zoo. Another important document is a report filed in the Zoo’s Accident Report Book; if you have not yet had details of your accident recorded in this book, you should return to the Zoo and do so at the first practical opportunity.

Further support to your claim for Dublin Zoo accident compensation would be photographs of the hazard taken when the tripping accident occurred. It is also possible to access CCTV footage, if available, which could help in determining how long the hazard had been present and the efforts made by zoo staff to identify the problem and rectify it.

In the case that you are approached by the Zoo’s insurance company with an early offer of compensation, you would be strongly recommend to refer it to an experienced solicitor who can assess your injury compensation claim for Dublin Zoo and can advise on whether or not the insurer’s offer is a fair and accurate representation of the injury you sustained and the affect it has had on your life.

If you inadvertently accept such an offer which turns out to be an insufficient amount to cover medical costs or reimburse you for loss of or future loss of earnings, it should be noted that you cannot return to the insurance company and ask for more. As you could be approached within days of reporting your accident at the Zoo – before you can even consider actively pursuing a compensation for accident in Dublin Zoo – you would be well advised to speak with a solicitor at the first moment possible.