Compensation for Back Injury Car Accident

What amount of compensation for back injury in car accident could I expect to receive?

How much compensation for back injury in car accident you could receive depends on several elements. The first is obvious; the severity of the injury you suffered, as back injuries can range from relatively inconvenient to complete paralysis. That said there are numerous other elements that a solicitor will consider when assisting a client in making a claim for back injury compensation.

The amount of compensation for back injury in car accident will be negatively affected if there is any argument over liability — even if you were only partly to blame for the accident which resulted in your back injuries. Also, if it is shown that you “contributed” to the extent of your injuries — by not wearing a seatbelt, for example — your compensation settlement could be reduced by up to 25%.

Medical professionals have acknowledged that almost all victims involved in serious traffic accidents will face a degree of post-traumatic stress disorder. The level of post-traumatic stress experienced depends on the individual, and their solicitor will take this factor into account when compiling their client’s claim for back injury compensation.

Your injury’s severity will also affect the time you have to spend away from work and the financial repercussions that will stem from that, and this will be taken into consideration when assembling your compensation for back injury car accident claim. If you have to employ help to look after children or elderly relative or use public transport while you are unable to drive, you may be able to recover these costs in your compensation claim, along with the cost of rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatments.

As there are so many variables in a compensation for back injury car accident claim, you would be well advised to engage with a solicitor. A solicitor will be able to offer an estimate of how much compensation you should expect to receive, once they are aware of all the facts surrounding the individual circumstances of your case. Their professional estimation would be useful if the Injuries Board Ireland makes an unsatisfactory assessment of your claim, or if the negligent party’s insurers approach you with an early offer of settlement.