Compensation for Hot Drink Burn on Airplane

Can I claim compensation for hot drink burn on airplane since the injury ruined my holiday?

You should be eligible to claim compensation for hot drink burn on airplane, as long as you received prompt medical treatment for your burn and that the injury has been recorded in your medical history. Unlike “normal” personal injury claims for compensation the cause of your accident is not important, as the airline is automatically deemed liable for any accident that causes injuries that occur on board an aircraft. Under the Montreal Convention, an airline accepts responsibility for your safety in all circumstances under its terms of carriage and because of this they would pay out any compensation for an airplane burn injury.

However, difficulties may arise if the airline’s insurance company attempt to coerce you into accepting an offer of compensation that may not adequately represent your injury or the effect it has had on your quality of life. The amount of compensation for a burn injury you qualify for will be influenced by several factors which the airline’s insurers may not always take into account.

The pain and suffering you experienced at the time of the accident should be calculated with reference to your age, sex and the possibility of a visible scar remaining although this is not the only element that should be considered when calculating compensation for hot drink burn on airplane. For instance, if your quality of life has temporarily deteriorated as a result of your aircraft hot drink injury – or if have incurred any expenses due to seeking medical attention at your destination – these should also be factored into the settlement of your claim for hot drink injury on an aircraft.

The Montreal Convention stipulates that you are entitled to claim compensation from the country of your embarkation, as opposed to the country to which you were flying to, although the airline’s insurance company may try to talk you into accepting a compensation settlement based on typical compensation settlements in the country which best serves their interests – to reduce costs as much as possible. There is also the possibility that your claim for hot drink injury on an aircraft may be contested with allegations that you contributed to the cause of the accident or the severity of your injuries.

Because of the potential difficulties that could arise, and to ensure that you are compensation includes reference to how the injury ruined your holiday, you would be well advised to discuss the circumstances of your accident and subsequent airplane burn injury with an experienced solicitor. He or she would be in a good position to inform you of how much compensation for hot drink burn on airplane you are entitled to receive and could advise you on the best way to pursue your claim. Your solicitor will only be able to advice on the probability of recovering the maximum amount of compensation you qualify for once your claim has been assessed.