Compensation for Multiple Car Accident

I would like to claim compensation for a multiple car accident in which I was seriously injured but how do I who to claim against?

Determining who should pay you compensation for a multiple car accident will depend on the circumstances of the accident. As there are numerous scenarios in which a multiple vehicle pile-up can occur, your claim for multi-car injury may be made against only one negligent party, or several different parties.

In the majority of cases, the driver of the principle vehicle will be deemed the liable party in claims for multiple car pile-ups. There are other situations, however, where another party will have to assume some responsibility such as if the principle vehicle was forced to slow down to avoid colliding with a stray animal, in which case the owner of the animal in question would be held at fault to a certain degree. In another instance, if the car that collided into you failed to allow sufficient braking distance, the driver of that particular vehicle may also hold partial responsibility for the accident.

Due to the complex nature of such a case, you would be well advised in seeking the assistance of an experienced legal professional when attempting to a claim for multi-car injury. In most multi-car pile-ups witness will usually be able to provide insight into the circumstances of the crash. Your solicitor will reply on this information, along with the Garda report you should have filed, photographs of the accident scene – and CCTV footage if available – and your medical record when compiling evidence to substantiate your claim.

It is highly important that you sought medical treatment for your injuries immediately after the accident occurred. As your injuries were serious, it is likely that an ambulance was called to the scene and your injuries would have been seen to there and then. In the potential situation that you delayed seeking professional medical attention – if, at the time of the accident, you did not believe your injuries to be as serious as they actually were, for example – you run the risk of having the overall amount of compensation for your injuries reduced to reflect your own lack of care.

It is worth noting that no claim for multiple-car crash compensation can be made unless a record of the injuries you sustained exists in your medical records.

Following a discussion with your solicitor about the circumstance of your injuries, he or she will be able to offer a preliminary estimation of how much compensation for multiple car accident you should be entitled to. In the instance that multiple parties have been considered to blame for your injuries according to the evidence collected, your total compensation settlement will be paid on a percentage basis by each liable party, which will be decided by the level of responsibility each negligent party agrees to in negotiations.