Compensation for Passenger in Minibus Accident

Is it possible to claim compensation for passenger in minibus accident for minor injuries because I have been unable to return to work?

You may be eligible to claim compensation for passenger in minibus accident despite the fact that only minor physical injuries were sustained. It is worth noting that the amount of compensation for a minibus crash one receives should account for more factors than just the pain and suffering experienced by the victim at the time of the accident. However, for there to be a successful resolution to a minibus passenger injury claim it must be proven that the accident was caused by the negligence of a third party.

Some standard procedures should have been carried out in order to add weight to your claim for minibus crash passenger. Although your injuries are considered minor, you should still have been treated by a medical practitioner in a timely manner after the accident happened. Even minor injuries would be noted in your medical records and can later be used as evidence to substantiate your claim.

Assuming that the Gardai attended the scene of the minibus accident, they would have made a report, recorded images of the accident scene and gathered the details of all parties in involved in the accident and those of any witnesses. If the case may be that the Gardai were not present, you should visit the local Garda station and file a report in their Accident Report Book as soon as possible. To further support your claim, you should have independently collated the details of any other passengers involved in the accident.

As mentioned above, many factors should be included when calculating compensation for passenger in minibus accident. Aside from damages for pain and suffering, it may be possible to recover compensation for any quantifiable emotional trauma that can be verified by a professional mental health practitioner. You may also claim for the effect your minibus passenger injury has had on your quality of life, i.e. your ability to complete everyday tasks and whether you can partake in leisure pursuits or enjoy an active social life.

Please take note that you may be able to be reimbursed for any financial expenses you have incurred which are directly attributable to your accident and subsequent injury. These special damages can include medical costs, alternative transport fares if you can no longer driver – and loss of income. In order to receive compensation for this element, you must retain all invoices and receipts to present them to your solicitor and to send with your application for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland.

As a minibus crash passenger who believes they have a viable claim, you are strongly recommended to discuss all factors of your accident and the impact it has had on your life with an experienced solicitor at the first possible opportunity. It is important that your case is thoroughly investigated and professionally prepared in order to increase the probability of success and of recovering compensation for passenger in minibus accident in the quickest amount of time.