Compensation for Slipping on Wet Floor in Shop

Can I claim compensation for slipping on wet floor in shop since I fractured my wrist?

Provided that you can prove that your wrist injury was due to the negligence of the shop management or staff, you should be able to claim compensation for slipping on wet floor in shop. The shop has a legal duty of care to provide you with a safe shopping environment and the management should have made sure that any risk of slipping on a wet floor was eliminated in their routine inspections – especially since in Ireland wet floors in supermarkets are acknowledged as a common slip hazard.

Please bear in mind, however, that this duty of care is not absolute, meaning that if supermarket staff could not possibly have identified and removed the hazard in a “reasonable” length of time – if the liquid had dripped from another customer’s umbrella moments before you slipped, for example – the shop would not be deemed responsible for your injury. Your entitlement to claim for wet shop floor slip will therefore depend on whether the floor had been in a hazardous condition for an unacceptable length of time.

Engaging an experienced solicitor will be the most effective way of proving whether negligence was the reason for your accident occurring. A solicitor will launch a thorough investigation into your accident by accessing the shop’s Accident Report Book to find out whether accidents of this nature have happened before, by speaking with members of shop staff and by accessing any available footage recorded on the CCTV which may reveal how long the floor was wet and the effort made by shop staff to remove the hazard.

You may be approached directly by the shop’s insurance company with an early offer of injury compensation for a wet floor in shop slip if the negligent shop accepts its liability for your wrist injury. The shop’s insurers will likely be eager to prevent the risk of high costs in a compensation for slipping on wet floor in shop claim, so if you have already engaged the services of a solicitor, with the information they have derived from their assessment of your case, they can advise you on whether the amount of compensation offered represents a fair and reasonable settlement.

Your solicitor will be able to enter negotiations with the shop’s insurers in order to reach a satisfactory settlement in the quickest time possible and these negotiations can go on while the Injuries Board is assessing your claim. Should the Injuries Board assessment be rejected or if negotiations fail to produce an adequate settlement, your solicitor would be able to represent you in court.

In the initial consultation that most solicitors offer without charge, your solicitor can answer any questions you have regarding injury compensation for a wet floor in shop slip and can offer you a preliminary estimation of how much compensation for slipping on wet floor in shop. You would be well advised to take action as soon as possible so that your solicitor can assemble evidence of negligence before memories of shop staff begin to fade or security tapes are erased.