Injury Compensation Payments in Ireland

Compensation payments arise when you have been the victim of an accident and somebody else was to blame (or partly to blame) through negligence or a lack of care. Compensation payments are made for a wide variety of personal injury cases including accidents caused by a car crash, a fall at work, a sports injury, food poisoning in a restaurant and numerous other situations.

Before thinking about how large a compensation payment you may receive due to your accident, it is essential that you go to a hospital or make an appointment to see a doctor and have any injuries examined and recorded in your medical records. Without this data, any compensation payments you could be entitled to may be substantially reduced. Furthermore, long term effects of any injury may not manifest themselves until long after the initial trauma, and you are best advised to have a medical examination even if you do not feel there is sufficient reason to get medical treatment.

Claiming for Compensation Payments

Although claiming for compensation payments is not necessarily a complicated procedure when liability is not disputed, it is always better to have professional representation from a solicitor. Previously, accident victims have accepted inadequate compensation payments because the settlement figures offered to them were attractive, and they were keen to get the matter quickly resolved. However, late-developing side effects from your accident may cause future trauma, medical expenses and loss of earnings, so a full discovery and comprehensive analysis of your injuries is always recommended.

Should you be unsure about whether you would qualify for compensation payments, or would like to speak with a solicitor before you proceed with a claim, we have set up a free advice line which you are welcome to call without obligation. 1800 911 940

All calls are treated in confidence, and you can be sure you will receive impartial and accurate advice from an experience professional. If you cannot call now please fill in our call back form on the left and a solicitor will call you at a time you specify.

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What Else Should I Know about Compensation Payments?

There are no hard and fast rules about the level of compensation payments you will receive or the length of time that your claim for personal injury compensation will take. One thing we can assure you of is that you will be treated courteously and professionally at all times, conscious of the fact that you have just been through a major incident in your life.

There are no “silly questions”. If you are unsure about something, you should not feel embarrassed to ask. Our team of solicitors have had experience of many types of personal injury claims, and each client is unique. If you do not understand something, it may affect your final compensation payments. Your “silly question” may lead to a vital piece of evidence being uncovered or previously undiscovered medical condition being revealed.

There are documents to sign and paperwork that has to be filed with the Injuries Board. We will take care of all of that for you as we build our case for your  compensation payments.

Finally, there is help if you do not know where to turn. Start by calling our free advice line and speaking to one of our experienced solicitors on 1800 911 940

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