Dislocation Injury Compensation Claim

Dislocations happen most frequently when you slip or fall – particularly if you are working at height or manoeuvring heavy weights. This can cause injuries which can lead to permanent health issues. The most common dislocation injury compensation claims originate due to a lack of health and safety protection at work or inadequate instructions about tasks. In such cases, a claim for dislocation injury compensation can be made against an employer.

It is essential that you seek professional medical assistance after dislocating any part of your body, as dislocation has the potential to obstruct blood flow. You may have also sustained a fracture which you are unaware about due to the pain experienced from the dislocation. No amount of dislocation injury compensation can make up for a lifelong disability which could have been avoided with timely medical assistance.

Making a Dislocation Injury Compensation Claim

Except in extreme cases, where your dislocation injury has been caused by medical negligence – for example, by a chiropractor – a dislocation injury compensation claim is made to the Injuries Board Ireland. The claim is supported by your medical notes and a copy of any entry in an employer´s “Accident Report Book” or other relevant documentation.

You are also entitled to claim special damages for any out of pocket expenses you may have incurred due to your injury or loss of earnings. Future loss of income can also be claimed when you may be away from your employment for a protracted period of time, and an experienced solicitor will be able to advise you on how to maximise the value of your claim.

A solicitor will also be the best person to suggest the appropriate course of action should your employer – or other negligent party – deny that they were responsible for your injuries or claim that you contributed to your injuries by your own actions. Litigation would be required in these instances, as it would if the Injuries Board Ireland produced an inadequate assessment of your dislocation injury compensation claim.

Free Dislocation Injury Claim Advice

There are many ways in which a straightforward dislocation injury claim for compensation can become complicated, and this is why more than 90% of people making a claim for any type of personal injury compensation do so with the assistance of a personal injury claims solicitor. Due to the often complex nature of a dislocation injury compensation claim, we have set up a dedicated free dislocation injury claim advice service, which you are invited to call if you have sustained a dislocation injury due to somebody else´s negligence.

The number to call is 1800 911 940 and our lines are open seven days a week from 8.00am to 10.00pm. You will be able to discuss your claim for dislocation injury compensation with an experienced solicitor, receive practical and helpful advice about making a claim and also receive a free assessment to ensure you have a claim for dislocation injury compensation which is worth your while to pursue. There is no obligation on you to use our services once you have spoken with us, and all calls to our free dislocation injury advice service are completely confidential.

Call us now on 1800 911 940 or if you cannot speak now please fill in the form on the left and we will call you back.

Our Promise to You:

  • 100% Free consultation with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor
  • 100% Practical and helpful advice about your dislocation injury claim
  • 100% Up to date information about the value of dislocation injury compensation
  • 100% No pressure on you to proceed with a dislocation injury compensation claim

What You Can Expect When You Call

We have been helping clients with personal injury claims for compensation for more than twenty years, so we understand that when you call our free dislocation injury claim advice service you will have recently been through an exceptionally painful physical trauma.

We also appreciate that you may be concerned about making a claim against your employer (if applicable) and will assure you that by using a personal injury claims solicitor to assist with a claim for dislocation injury compensation, you reduce the potential for an awkward workplace confrontation.

Therefore, we will listen carefully as you explain to us how your dislocation injury was sustained, what treatment you received for your injury and how it has affected your quality of life. If you have any questions that you would like to include along the way, you are welcome to ask them.

We will use this information to establish your entitlement to claim dislocation injury compensation, explain to you the processes involved in making a successful dislocation injury claim and how long they should take. Wherever possible, we will give you an indication of how much dislocation injury compensation we would expect you to receive.

At the end of each initial call to our free dislocation claim advice service, we provide you with a list of options available to you. You are under no obligation to act on any of them and you may wish to discuss them with family and friends before proceeding with a dislocation injury compensation claim.

Your next step, however, should be to call our free dislocation injury claim advice service on 1800 911 940 or leave your contact details in the call-back form at the foot of the page.  There is a limit to the length of time you have from sustaining your injury to making a claim for dislocation injury compensation, so we look forward to hearing from you soon.