Eye Compensation Claim

Some of the most frequent reasons for an eye injury compensation claim may come as a surprise. Inasmuch as you might expect work related eye injuries to be fairly commonplace in trades associated with manufacturing, improvements to health and safety practices mean that they only just appear in a “Top Ten” which includes:-

  • Work-related cleaning accidents with chemicals such as bleach and ammonia
  • Tripping and hitting your head on a hard surface or against a sharp corner
  • Being involved in a car accident and sustaining an eye injury from your airbag!

Even more ironic than sustaining an eye injury from a product which is meant to protect you is when you suffer an eye injury at the hands of your optician through a lack of care or simple medical negligence. Claims for eye injury compensation can also originate from sports accidents, overexposure to Ultra Violet Light (if not properly protected when using a tanning machine at a health centre) or by working unsafely in front of a computer.

Irrespective of the type of eye injury you suffer, your priority should be to seek urgent medical attention. You only have one pair of eyes, and no amount of eye injury compensation can ever atone for a loss of vision which could have been avoided by timely medical intervention. Where an eye injury has been caused by somebody else´s negligence, you should speak with a solicitor about making an eye injury compensation claim – only once any threat to your eyesight has been taken care of.

Making a Eye Injury Compensation Claim

Except in cases involving medical negligence, an eye injury claim for compensation is made to the Injuries Board Ireland in the same way as any other personal injury claim. The advantage of using a solicitor for the completion and submission of your eye injury claim is that without a comprehensive addendum claiming special damages for your eye injury, the Injuries Board Ireland may just make a compensation assessment based on the basic eye injury. This would mean that any consequences of your eye injury would be ignored – such as being unable to work, drive or perform basic household chores – and would leave you undercompensated.

An experienced personal injury claims solicitor is also a useful ally to have on your side should the negligent party deny liability for your eye injury claim, or claim that you contributed to your injuries by your own lack of care. In both these cases, the Injuries Board Ireland would decline to assess your eye injury claim and issue you with an authorisation to pursue your claim for eye injury compensation through the court system. A solicitor will be able to guide you through the court process if necessary – an action that would be required if pursuing a claim for medical negligence as well – and will also enter into negotiations with the negligent party´s insurance company to try to obtain an early settlement for your eye injury compensation claim on your behalf.

Free Eye Injury Claims Advice

If you are considering making a claim for eye injury compensation, you should first speak to a solicitor on our free eye injury claims advice service. Ours is a completely free service, available on 1800 911 940, which enables you to discuss your claim for eye injury compensation with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor. We will be able to offer impartial and practical advice and answer any questions you may have about an eye injury claim.

The telephone lines for our free eye injury claims advice service are open between 8.00am and 10.00pm seven days a week, and if it is not a convenient time to call us right away, you are welcome to take advantage of our call-back service by completing the contact box at the foot of the page. Please note that you are under no obligation to proceed with a claim for eye injury compensation once you have spoken with us, and all calls to our free eye injury claims advice service are completely confidential.

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What You Can Expect When You Call

When you call our free eye injury claims advice service, you will be speaking with a solicitor familiar with the many ways in which an eye injury can occur. However, no two sets of circumstances are ever exactly alike, so we will ask you to explain to us the circumstances surrounding your eye injury and the treatment you received for it.

We will try to ascertain whether you have a claim for eye injury compensation which it is worth your while to pursue, and advise you how much eye injury compensation we would expect you to receive. In most circumstances, we would able to tell you how long we anticipate it would take to process a claim for eye injury compensation and what procedures would be involved.

You are welcome to ask as many questions as you feel are necessary during the course of our discussion, and we always check before we conclude an initial conversation that you understand all the answers we have given you. We will also provide you with a list of options that you may wish to consider so that you can come back to us with any other questions you may have thought of.

You are under no obligation to act on any of our suggestions, and no pressure will be put on you to do so. However, a claim for eye injury compensation may become time-barred if not made within a certain amount of time, so it is in your best interests to call our free eye injury claims advice service on 1800 911 940 at your earliest convenience, or leave your contact details in the call-back box below and one of our helpful team will be in touch.