Facebook Moderator Legal Case Psychological Trauma

If you are considering pursuing a case for a Facebook moderator psychological trauma compensation there are some very important considerations to make which can improve or impact the chances of you winning.

The content that Facebook moderators must filter though will include a lot of extremely disturbing images. Earlier this year, and in 2018, a number of compensation actions were kicked off with the claimants seeking damages the suffering they experienced due to their moderator duties.

What is a Facebook Moderator Legal Case Psychological Trauma?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be sustained by Facebook moderators who are must filter through hundreds of thousands of hours of videos and pictures so that they can remove content that is either graphic in nature or inappropriate for sharing publicly on the social media platform.

Due to the high pressure to return a high record of accuracy, roughly 98%, there is a lot of time pressure linked with the role. In a number of legal actions already filed there are detailed accounts of moderators suffering from sleep deprivation caused by working pressure.

When this is taken into account along with the disturbing picture and video content that the moderators must review there is a high chance that the moderators will suffer from psychological trauma. Due to this Facebook and its external review partners should be providing training and counselling for their content moderators in relation to the material that needs to be seen. There should also be in place a management structure that allows moderators to raise any issue that they may have in relation to work targets and goals that they may feel are unacceptable.

Who do you take a Legal Case for Psychological Trauma against?

Typically, Facebook moderators are hired by an outside company that has a partnership with Facebook to put in place the moderation services. If this is so then any compensation case could be filed against all organizations involved. During the subsequent legal case it will be decided which entity did not have acceptable working conditions for the moderators to deal with.

Your legal representative solicitor will guide you in relation to the best course of action for you to take against these groups.

Submitting Compensation Claims for Facebook Moderation Psychological Trauma

You must speak with a solicitor familiar with claims like this before you begin making a claim for psychological trauma caused by your working conditions and targets.A qualified solicitor will advise you of the correct course of action to adapt for your compensation claim.

You should get in touch with a qualified legal expert as soon as you can so you begin your compensation claim for you. Currently, there are a number of Facebook moderators proceeding with similar actions in different jurisdictions that may be easier to join together.