Footpath Injury Compensation Claim

You are entitled to make a footpath injury compensation claim any time you trip, slip or fall and injure yourself on a poorly maintained footpath in Ireland. Local Authorities have a legal duty under the Roads Act (1993) to construct and maintain public footpaths to a reasonable standard, and the Occupiers Liability Act (1995) protects you when you are legally on private land (such as a supermarket car park).

Whenever you sustain a footpath injury, your immediate concern should be for your health rather than thinking how much footpath injury compensation you might be entitled to. Many footpath injuries are complicated by torn ligaments, sustained when hold out a hand to stop your fall, and so it is vital that you see a doctor before consulting with a solicitor about making a footpath injury compensation claim.

Making a Footpath Injury Compensation Claim

A footpath injury compensation claim is made against the authority responsible for maintaining the footpath on which you sustained your injury via the Injuries Board Ireland. As well as including your relevant medical notes with your application for footpath injury compensation, you should also support your application with any other evidence you can provide to support your footpath injury claim.

In many cases, the insurance companies representing local authorities or major businesses will be reluctant pay footpath injury compensation and deny liability, and this is one of the major reasons that you should use the services of a specialist personal injury claims solicitor when making a footpath injury compensation.

Free Footpath Injury Claim Advice

In fact, there are many more good reasons for using the services of a specialist personal injury claims solicitor when making a footpath injury compensation claim, and if you would like to find out how you can ensure you receive your maximum entitlement of footpath injury compensation, you are invited to call our free footpath injury claim advice service on 1800 911 940.

This service enables you to discuss your case directly with a solicitor, establish that you have a claim for footpath injury compensation that is worth your while to pursue and find out how to claim any special damages that you may be entitled to. Our lines are open seven days a week from 8.00am to 10.00pm, and you are under no obligation to proceed with a footpath injury compensation claim once you have spoken with us.

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Our Promise to You:

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What to Expect When You Call

We understand that when you trip and fall on an uneven footpath, your injuries could be quite substantial. However, you might also be reluctant to speak with a solicitor because you have been influenced by innuendo in the press concerning Irish compensation culture.

We will assure you that you are only going to receive what you are entitled to, and you should not be reluctant to claim footpath injury compensation when it is your right to do so. If you have sustained any injury due to somebody else´s negligence and possibly incurred expenses or a loss of earnings because of your injuries, it is only fair that you are recompensed.

Therefore, we will listen carefully while you tell us about how your injuries were sustained, tell us about the treatment you received for them and what impact your accident has made to your quality of life. Your quality of life is a general term used to describe working, driving and other activities that you cannot currently participate in due to your injuries. 

Wherever possible, we will try to establish within the initial conversation that you have footpath injury compensation claim which it is worth your while to pursue. We will be able to outline the procedures involved in making your claim, explain how long they might take and give you a general indication of how much footpath injury compensation we would expect you to receive.

This last point is quite important. For when local authorities and businesses are prepared to admit their liability, you will often be approached by their public liability insurance company with an offer of early settlement for your footpath injury compensation claim. If this has already happened to you, we are happy to advise you whether this is an offer you should accept, or negotiate on your behalf to achieve a more appropriate settlement.

Whatever stage of your claim for footpath injury compensation you are currently at, you cannot lose by calling our free footpath injury claim advice service on 1800 911 940. It is in your best interests to call as soon as possible after your accident to ensure that your footpath injury compensation claim is not time-barred by the Statute of Limitations, but essential that you seek medical assistance first as your priority.