High Court Compensation

High Court compensation awards are the exception rather than the rule in respect of personal injury claims. Since 2004, all claims for personal injury compensation must be first assessed by the Injuries Board and the circumstances under which the case will be referred to the High Court are when a) the defendant refuses to accept liability for the accident and b) where the amount awarded in High Court compensation is likely to be beyond a threshold of €38,092 (a lesser amount would be judged in a Circuit Court).

In recent years, High Court compensation awards have been on the increase, with 9.1% of all awards in 2007 being decided by High Court, and 12.4% in 2008. This growth in High Court injury compensation cases is due to the fact that many victims of non-intentional accidents are no longer accepting inadequate offers of compensation from insurance companies more concerned with their profits than the long term health of accident victims. Indeed, with each news item focusing on a substantial High Court compensation award comes the realisation that victims of accidents through somebody else´s negligence have been duped by insurance companies for too long.

Going to the High Court for Compensation

Many people who have suffered a serious injury due to no fault of their own are apprehensive about taking their case all the way to the High Court for injury compensation. This is understandable as they have already suffered one psychological trauma, and the prospect of facing the person responsible for their injuries can often be intimidating. Although it may be necessary to give evidence in cases where liability is disputed, quite often litigation can be handled by your solicitor without the need for you to go to court, and you retain the right to accept or refuse an offer of compensation before a high court attendance is required.

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What You Need to Know about High Court Compensation Awards

Although the majority of compensation claims are settled before they reach the High Court, our solicitor, together with additional counsel if required, will prepare your case on the assumption that it will need to be presented.

When a claim for compensation does go all the way to the High Court there may be a substantial volume of costs involved. The defendant, when found negligible, will be responsible for all the costs of bringing the case to the High Court and normally these will be paid by the defendant´s insurance company. We would always discuss costs and risks for high court actions so that you don’t have any “nasty” surprises.

Should your injuries cause deterioration in your health after you have been awarded High Court injuries compensation, you cannot go back for more. The High Court compensation award is final and inasmuch as this is the same for all other cases of compensation, it is important to point this out from the beginning due to the potential size of the award.

No doubt you will have many questions about High Court compensation awards and the procedures involved. Our first piece of free advice is to contact us through our free telephone service on 1800 911 940 and have a discussion with one of our experienced personal injury claims solicitors. Thereafter, you will feel more confident about dealing with the claim for compensation and feel more capable of handling it.

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We appreciate that “last resort” action of this nature is the result of serious injury and not only will you be suffering as a result of the injuries sustained, you will most likely already have been frustrated in your attempts to get adequate compensation from other sources. Therefore, you will find our service compassionate, impartial and honest.