Home Injury Compensation Claim

Many thousands of accidents occur in the home each year in Ireland – often due to unfortunate circumstances, but regularly resulting in injuries which require medical treatment. There are almost as many reasons for accidents occurring in the home as there are accidents, but when you have suffered an injury due to faulty goods or negligent workmanship, you are entitled to make a home injury compensation claim.

Of course, your first consideration after sustaining an injury in the home is to seek medical attention. No amount of home injury compensation can ever make up for a lifelong disability which could have been prevented by timely medical intervention. Thereafter, and once your injuries have been treated, you should speak to a solicitor about making a claim for home injury compensation.

Making a Claim for Home Injury Compensation

Home injury compensation claims are submitted to the Injuries Board Ireland in the same way as any other personal injury claim. However, the party liable for your injuries could be a shop which has sold you a faulty product or a tradesman who has made unsafe alterations to your property. As accidents which cause injury can happen in other people´s homes as well as your own, it might even be a shop or tradesman who has supplied goods and services to a neighbour or friend who is responsible for your injuries.

It is always in your best interests to use the services of an experienced personal injury claims solicitor in such circumstances, as proving liability in claims for home injury compensation can be a complex matter. A shop may have supplied you with a faulty good, but in circumstances where the wholesaler or manufacturer is liable. The same difficulty might apply if a tradesman installed an appliance into your home which was faulty when he purchased it.

Therefore, not only could you benefit from the experience a solicitor has in compiling the strongest possible case for your home injury compensation claim, he will also be able to ascertain who is liable for your injuries or whether you may be insured against such events by your own (or neighbours or friends) home insurance policy.

Free Home Injury Claim Advice

It is because there are so many different scenarios when making a home injury compensation claim that we have established a home injury claim advice service to provide individual guidance for people wishing to make a home injury compensation claim. The number to call is 1800 911 940 and our lines are open from 8.00am to 10.00pm seven days a week. Please note that there is no obligation on you to proceed with a home injury compensation claim once you have spoken with us, and all calls to our free home injury claim advice service are completely confidential.

Call us now on 1800 911 940 or if you cannot speak now please fill in the form on the left and we will call you back.

Our Promise to You:

  • 100% Free consultation with an experienced solicitor
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  • 100% No pressure to proceed with a claim

What You Can Expect When You Call

We have been providing advice to our clients for more than twenty years – many of whom have suffered injuries in the home environment. However, no two claims for home injury compensation are alike, so we will listen carefully as you explain to us how your injury was sustained and what treatment you received.

It will also help us to make an accurate assessment of your home injury claim if you can tell us about any impact your injury has made to your quality of life – for example being able to work, drive or perform regular household chores – as you may also be entitled to claim special damages to account for additional expenses you have incurred or any loss of earnings.

Wherever possible, we will determine whether you have a home injury compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue, explain to you the procedures involved in making a successful home injury claim, how long the process will take and how much home injury compensation we would expect you to receive.

You are welcome to ask any legal questions you may have at any stage of our conversation, and before the conclusion of your initial call to our free home injury claim advice service we will check to ensure that you have understood our answers and all the other advice we will have given you.

There is no obligation to act on any of our suggestions, and many of our clients have found it helpful to have a little time to reflect on our advice and discuss their options with family and friends. If these discussions generate further questions, you are of course welcome to call our free home injury claim advice service again.

 However, you should not delay in making your initial contact with us. Claims for home injury compensation have a time limit from when they happen for you to make a claim. Considering that there may be complications in relation to determining liability, it is in your best interests to contact us as soon as possible.

The number for our free home injury claim advice service is 1800 911 940, and if now is not a suitable time to speak with us, kindly leave your contact details in the form at the foot of the page and one of our experienced personal injury claims solicitors will get back in touch with you when it is more convenient.