Compensation for Back Injury Car Accident

I am thinking about pursuing a personal injury compensation claim but want to know how long does compensation take to come through?

How long does compensation take to come through is an important question to ask. Most plaintiffs are pleasantly surprised when they learn that since 2003, the average length it takes for a compensation claim to be resolved has been reduced from about three years to, on average, nine months.

The Injuries Board Ireland was established by the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) Act of 2003 to decrease the length of time of how long does compensation take to come through. A fixed time-limit for insurance companies to negotiate a settlement has been put in place, eradicating the potential for a long drawn-out case which insurance companies had every incentive to do. Before the establishment of the Injuries Board, many cases were settled in the court house, just minutes before a hearing was scheduled.

During the nine-month period that it usually takes for the Injuries Board to respond to most claims, your solicitor will simultaneously negotiate with the insurance company who represent the negligent party and it is possible that your solicitor will complete a claim at this point. Even if the Injuries Board has made your assessment, your solicitor will continue to negotiate with the insurance company. The large majority of cases are settled out of court from negotiations between your solicitor and the insurance company.