Compensation for Personal Injury in Ireland

Injuries compensation is a financial award intended to represent suitable recompense for injuries you have sustained in an accident which was not your fault. Normally it is the liable party or their insurance company who make the payment to compensate you for their negligence or “lack of care” which was responsible for causing your injury.

The amount awarded as injuries compensation may not only be based on the amount of suffering due to a physical injury. Psychological trauma and ongoing medical treatment should also be considered in an award of injuries compensation, as well as any out of pocket expenses, potential loss of earnings and the cost of replacing any damaged goods – such as when your car is involved in a road traffic accident.

Awards of injuries compensation can be agreed upon between the parties themselves, through the Injuries Board or in court. In all cases it is advisable to employ the services of an experienced injuries compensation solicitor in pursuit of your claim.

Making Your Claim for Injuries Compensation

Inasmuch as a quick, private settlement may provide short-term relief from the pressure of supporting a family after an injury, it is frequently the case that the settlement figure is an inadequate amount in respect of the trauma that you have suffered, and when the funds from your injuries compensation are exhausted, those pressures will return. By seeking professional advice once appropriate medical treatment has been administered, you could be awarded injuries compensation far more relevant to the injuries sustained and which offer a solution to your long term financial requirements.

To help you with making a claim for injuries compensation, we offer a free advice service which will put you in touch with an experienced injuries compensation solicitor, who will listen to the circumstances surrounding your injuries, offer impartial advice and give you a selection of options to facilitate your claim for injuries compensation.

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What can I expect?

Once we feel that there is a case for injuries compensation which it is worth your while to pursue, we will explain the procedures to you, the length of time each stage may take and the general level of award that you can expect to receive.

If there are going to be any costs involved in your claim for injuries compensation, you will be informed beforehand, and the decision to proceed is always yours – we will never put any pressure on you.

We believe that we offer advice in a clear, friendly nature and we have a large number of clients who have used that free advice to make successful claims for injuries compensation. If you would like to join them, please call our advice line (your call is also free) and speak with one of our experienced injuries compensation solicitors. 1800 911 940

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