Injury Claim for Hit and Run Accident

How can I make an injury claim for hit and run accident when I don’t know the details of the negligent driver?

If you have been injured in an accident where that Garda have been unable to trace the driver or vehicle responsible, you should be able to make your injury claim for hit and run accident to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI). This entity is funded by motor insurance companies in Ireland as a condition of their licence to operate in the country and was established to compensate victims of road accidents caused by unidentifiable or uninsured drivers.

Under general circumstances, claims for car accident injury compensation would be assessed by the Injuries Board Ireland; however, making a claim for hit and run injury compensation is slightly different. In this case, you should file your claim online at or by filling out a downloadable hard copy form to complete and send in the post.

Once they have received your application, the MIBI will investigate your hit and run crash claim and the medical report that you are required to attach with the form to assess the extent and severity of the injuries you sustained. You should bear in mind, however, that unlike the Injuries Board Application Form A, there is no section for you to communicate any financial losses, or for your loss of amenity, i.e. how your injury has affected your quality of life.

Because of this, you would be recommended to also make an injury claim for hit and run accident to the Injuries Board, once your claim has been submitted to the MIBI and a claims reference received. On the Injuries Board application form for assessment you would then name MIBI as the respondent and enter the MIBI claims reference in the area of the application where the respondent’s insurance policy number is designated.

The benefits of completing this procedure is that while the MIBI will settle your hit and run crash claim for the minimum amount possible to reduce their own costs, you are guaranteed to receive a fair and objective assessment of your claim by the Injuries Board. Additionally, if the hit and run injury compensation settlement proposed by the MIBI proves to be an insufficient amount, you will be able to obtain an “Authorisation” from the Injuries Board to pursue your claim in the courts – with liability for your injuries accepted by the MIBI by proxy in an independently prepared assessment from a credible source.

You would be strongly advised to consult a solicitor to assist with the claims process. In the initial consultation where your solicitor can assess your claim and determine its viability, he or she would be able to expertly guide you on the most suitable path on which to pursue your injury claim for hit and run, and can advise on the best way to obtain a fair and reasonable settlement of compensation in the quickest time possible.