Injury Compensation Examples

Before I claim for compensation, could you show me some injury compensation examples?

It is a good idea to look at some injury compensation examples before pursuing a personal injury claim as, even though no two compensation claims are ever exactly alike, examples of injury compensation can indicate a likely settlement and can give a reasonable estimate of damages that could be awarded.

Before you look at injury compensation examples, you should first be aware that any personal injury compensation claim is divided into general damages — for the injuries sustained, pain and suffering and any loss of amenity – and special damages — that cover any costs and expenses incurred that can be attributed to the injury. The following examples are a good guide to possible compensation values, but will not accurately reflect the particulars of your own personal case.

The first example of injury compensation concerns slips, trips and falls, as these types of compensation claims are among the most common made. A Dublin shopping centre has recently awarded a woman with 13,150 Euros for a fall on a moving walkway. 12,000 Euros of the compensation was for the fall and 1,250 Euros was awarded to account for the expenses she had incurred which were derivable from her accident.

Injury compensation examples of work-related injuries are fewer than in the past since employers have been improving the working conditions for their staff. However, cases of asbestos and related cancers continue to rise. In England, a chef exposed to asbestos in oven linings was awarded a six-figure settlement as compensation for the mesothelioma he developed. The high value reflects the severity of the disease and the expenses for medical treatment.

There are several injury compensation examples of road traffic accidents as such claims are common in Ireland. A cyclist who suffered kidney damage after being involved in a hit and run accident was recently awarded 20,336 Euros in compensation. However, because he was found to have contributed to the severity of his injuries by his own lack of care, the settlement was reduced by 30% to 14,235 Euros.

Medical negligence claims include some of the highest compensation awards. For example, a woman who suffered both physical and psychological injuries because of the negligence of an obstetrician and gynaecologist was awarded 438,000 Euros in compensation for a negligent hysterectomy.

If you believe that you have a potential personal injury claim you would be well advised to speak with a solicitor at the first possible opportunity. The Statute of Limitations dictates the time period for claiming compensation, which is usually set at two years from the date the injury was sustained. A solicitor would be able to assess your claim in an initial consultation that most solicitors offer for free to determine whether or not you have a viable claim. Your solicitor can also offer you a preliminary estimate of how much compensation you are likely to receive in accordance with the individual merits of your case.