Jaw Injury Claim

An injury to your jaw may not solely consist of a broken or fractured jaw bone. The muscles of the jaw are amongst the strongest in the body and, along with associated tendons and ligaments, ensure that you are able to eat properly. Consequently, when you have sustained a jaw injury due to somebody else´s negligence, a jaw injury claim for compensation can comprise of much more than jaw injury compensation for just the physical trauma you have suffered.

A jaw injury claim for compensation can originate from many different sources. You could sustain a jaw injury in a slip, trip or fall, in a workplace accident or due to clinical negligence by a dentist or other medical practitioner. Scientists in Sweden have even discovered that one-in-three whiplash injuries can manifest as jaw pain a year after the road traffic accident which caused the initial injury. Because of the many different ways in which a jaw injury can affect your life, a jaw injury claim for compensation should always be made with the assistance of an experienced personal injury claims solicitor.

Making a Jaw Injury Claim

Except in cases of clinical negligence, a jaw injury compensation claim is made to the Injuries Board Ireland. The application for jaw injury compensation can be made online or through the post and must be accompanied by documentation supporting your jaw injury claim – such as medical notes and an accident report compiled by the Gardai or an employer. The importance of comprehensively completing the area of the application form relating to special damages cannot be over-emphasised as it is here that you will be able to claim for the costs of any ongoing medical treatment or loss of earnings due to your jaw injury.

A jaw injury claim in which a medical practitioner is alleged to be the liable party has to be processed through the court, as clinical negligence claims are resolved by the testimony of a medical expert rather than by physical fact. The claimant has to show, through their solicitor and the medical expert, that they sustained an injury due to an action which was avoidable and which displayed a lack of skill by the medical practitioner. When your solicitor has compiled a sufficiently strong case, claims for jaw injury compensation are often resolved by negotiation before having to be presented to court.

Free Jaw Injury Claim Advice

Whether you need assistance with the completion of the Injury Board Ireland´s application form or require advice in the event of a jaw injury claim due to clinical negligence, you are invited to call our free jaw injury claim advice service on 1800 911 940.  Advice is also available if the negligent party denies their responsibility for your injuries, if you have already applied to the Injuries Board Ireland and their assessment is inadequate for your needs, or if the jaw injury claim involves a child and you need legal representation to have the jaw injury compensation approved in court before payment can be made.

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What You Can Expect When You Call

We have been providing advice to clients for more than twenty years, and although many of the claims we have handled will have involved a jaw injury of some description, no two cases are identical.

Therefore, we will ask you to tell us how your jaw injury occurred, what treatment you are undergoing and who you feel is liable in your jaw injury claim for compensation.

We also need to know how your jaw injury has affected your quality of life. If you are unable to work, drive or perform regular household duties, these factors need to be integrated into a jaw injury claim.

There may be other elements of your jaw injury claim which are entirely unique, and we would like to hear about these as well as any questions that you may have about a jaw injury compensation claim.

 Before the end of each initial conversation, we will summarise everything we have discussed, ensure that you have understood our answers to your questions and provide you with a list of options to consider.

You are under no obligation to act on any of our advice, and many clients have found it helpful to take a little time and discuss our conversation with family and friends before proceeding with a jaw injury claim.

Jaw Injury Claim Summary

Under the Statute of Limitations, you are allowed two years from the “date of knowledge” on which you sustained a jaw injury in which to make a jaw injury compensation claim. Although this may seem like a long time, if complicated medical reports and investigations are required, any delay could result in forfeiture of your entitlement to claim jaw injury compensation.

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