Month: January 2012

Hit and Run Accident Compensation Tops Four Million Pounds

A cyclist, who suffered catastrophic brain injuries after being the victim of a hit and run accident, has been awarded four million pounds in accident injury compensation by the High Court in London.

Patrice Gougam (55) of Enfield, Middlesex was cycling on the Great North Road (A1000) in November 2009, when he was struck by a Land Rover driver by Michael Elliot (66) of Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. Mr Elliot drove away from the scene and, when he later gave himself up to police, stated that he had no knowledge of the accident.

Patrice, who before his accident was a professional tennis coach, was in a coma for three weeks and spent the next six months in hospital. In total, he remained in hospital for twenty-one months after the hit and run accident and still requires round-the-clock care.

The High Court was told that the hit and run driver was being medically treated for glaucoma and cataracts at the time of the accident and should not have even been driving on that fateful day in November 2009. He was subsequently charged with dangerous driving, for which he was jailed for eight months, and banned from driving for three years.

Revealing the four million pounds award of bike accident injury compensation against Michael Elliot and his insurers, the judge praised Patrice´s wife Virginia, who had managed to work part-time, care for Patrice and find a home with disabled access so that the couple could stay together.

Ruined Holiday Cruise Compensation Award Offered

Holiday makers who were on the Costa Concordia cruise ship which capsized on January 13, 2012, after straying off-course and hitting a submerged rock have had 11,000 Euros (14,460 dollars/9,180 pounds) compensation for ruined cruise offered to them by Costa Crociere SpA – the Italian subsidiary of Carnival Cruises.

The offer of compensation for ruined cruise was made after negotiations between the company and consumer groups in Italy, and compensates any passenger who was saved from the stricken ship that did not suffer any physical injury. Those that did will be approached individually, according to the statement released by the cruise company.

The ruined cruise compensation award offercover the psychological trauma that passengers may have suffered on that disastrous evening in January, and for any personal effects they may have lost when the cruise ship sank. However, some consumer groups are not happy with the extent of the compensation offer, and are advising passengers aboard the ship to seek professional medical advice before accepting it.

Those of the 4,197 crew and passengers who do take the compensation for ruined cruise will get their money within seven days, however the offer comes with the proviso that acceptance disqualifies passengers from making future compensation claims for injuries against Costa Cruises or any of its associated companies.

GP Over-prescription Claim Investigated

The Medical Council is looking at a number of GP over-prescription claims against a Dublin GP who allegedly over-prescribed psychoactive benzodiazepines.

It is claimed that Dr Mohammed Ahmed Khan, with a practice on Wicklow Street, Dublin, prescribed up to four times the recommended dosage of drugs such as Valium to patients suffering from anxiety and depression. The Medical Council are also looking into allegations that Dr Khan failed to make adequate enquiries as to whether any of the patients he was prescribing these drugs to were already being treated by another doctor.

Dr Khan has also been accused of poor professional performance due to his alleged failure to refer some of his patients with a dependency on benzodiazepines to drug treatment centres or specialist substance misuse practitioners and due to his reliance on prescription drugs where an alternative form of treatment may have been more beneficial to the patient or in their best interests.

The Medical Council is the regulatory body for doctors to practise medicine in the Republic of Ireland.  Its statutory role, as outlined in the Medical Practitioners Act 2007, is to protect the public by promoting and further ensuring high standards of professional conduct and professional education, training and competence among registered medical practitioners.

Hospital Work Injury Claims Prevalent in Kettering

Kettering General Hospital Trust has announced that it has paid out more than 300,000 pounds in hospital injury compensation to its own staff in the past five years – the biggest proportion of which was attributable to falls at work compensation.

Claims for injury at work were made on over 40 occasions between 2006 and 2011 for injuries sustained by staff at the hospital due to falls, manual handling injuries, lifting accidents, abuse by patients and incidents involving sharp objects such as needles.

Liz Libiszewski, nursing and quality director at Kettering General Hospital, explained that statistics for injury at work claims settled in any given period do not offer relevant information on safety during that period. “Legal claims – particularly disputed ones – can take several years to settle, so any set of figures would include claims which were a number of different years old,” she said, adding that the establishment’s safety record “is comparable with other hospitals”.

The Trust´s chief executive, Lorene Read went on “Kettering General Hospital takes staff safety very seriously indeed and we have many measures, training schemes and policies and procedures in place to prevent accidents. These include compulsory induction and refresher training courses in lifting and moving patients and other objects, health and safety at work training, and training around the correct use, and disposal, of syringes and needles.

The Trust is insured for hospital work injury compensation claims above the 10,000 pounds excess it has to pay itself.

Golf Injury Compensation Claim for Woman

A woman who was hit in the face by a badly struck golf ball as she was leaving her local golf course has been awarded 7,500 pounds in golf injury compensation.

Rachel Davis was walking back to her car after playing nine holes of golf at the Branston Golf and Country Club in Staffordshire when a golf ball struck her in the face, causing her to fall to the ground. The force of her fall caused damage to her teeth, cuts to her lips and bruising elsewhere on her body. Rachel received immediate medical treatment in hospital for her injuries but was forced to take the following week off of work.

After seeking legal counsel, Rachel made a claim for golf injury compensationagainst the Golf and Country Club. An investigation by East Staffordshire Borough Council was also begun, in which it was found that there were no warning signs in place to advise golfers of the hazard and that a fence which had been erected to prevent accidents of this nature was too low and in a state of disrepair

The Golf and Country Club was prosecuted by East Staffordshire Borough Council and was discovered to be in breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The Club was fined 5,000 pounds with a further 3,515 in costs, while Rachel was awarded 7,500 pounds in golf injury compensation.

Asda Worker Awarded Slip Compensation

A former Asda employee has been awarded 27,000 pounds in slip compensation after injuring her back when falling on a broken egg in the store´s warehouse.

Irene Heslop (65) from Fallowfield, Greater Manchester, suffered her injuries in March 2007 while working as a bakery assistant in the Hulme Asda shop in Greater Manchester. Doctors diagnosed her with a suspected spinal fracture which left her not able to walk long distances or lift heavy objects.

As her condition worsened, Irene asked that Asda put her on lighter duties in order that she could return to work. The company refused, and Irene went on to draw Statutory Sick Pay until the six month period expired after which time she was given industrial injury benefit at 24 pounds per week.

After seeking legal guidance, Irene made a compensation claim against the Asda store in Hulme which was supported by doctors at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. After performing their own investigation, Asda recognised that Irene´s lifestyle had been seriously curtailed by the accident and agreed to a 27,000 pounds personal injury compensation settlement.