Month: March 2012

Film Cameraman Set Injury Compensation Paid

A cameraman who was hurt in a fall from height accident while working on the production set of the new Keanu Reeves film – 47 Ronin – is to receive film set injury compensation after an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The unnamed 62-year-old was working on the film production set at the Shepperton Studios, Middlesex, in May 2010, when he fell through an unguarded opening in the floor. Despite falling over 3 metres, the cameraman escaped with bruises and a suspected broken rib.

The HSE investigation discovered that, although temporary guard rails had been put in place on some of the set, set-edge protection had been omitted in certain areas to ensure that the set maintained an authentic look of eighteenth century Japan.

Warrior Productions Ltd – the firm responsible for the UK production of the film – was fined 300 pounds for being in breach of Regulation 6(3) of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and ordered to pay the cameraman 300 pounds accident compensation for a fall from height.

Pothole Cyclist Compensation For Man

A man, who suffered arm and wrist injuries after falling from his bicycle when hitting a pothole in the road, has won his pothole cyclist compensation claim against his local council.

James Tarrant (62) from Windsor, Buckinghamshire, was cycling to work one morning in October 2008 when his bicycle fell into a pothole which had formed beside a manhole cover on Bangor Road, Iver. In addition to suffering arm and wrist injuries, James also had to undergo some dental treatment to have a tooth extracted as a result of his accident.

After seeking legal guidance, James made a fell in pothole compensation claim against Buckinghamshire County Council, claiming that the road was in a state of disrepair and, although he had his bicycle lights on, the road was so poorly lit that he only saw the hazard when it was too late to take evasive action.

After their own examination into the accident, Buckinghamshire County Council admitted liability for James´ injuries and awarded him 4,191 pounds for cyclist fall in pothole compensation to account for his pain and suffering and the cost of dental treatment.

Car Passenger Accident Compensation Settled in Court

A man, who suffered a catastrophic brain injury after the driver of the car in which he was travelling lost control of his vehicle, has had a negotiated settlement of compensation for injured car passenger accident approved in court.

Marc Dallaway (24) from Farnborough, Hampshire, was the front seat passenger in a friend’s car on the A323 Fleet Road, when his friend lost control of the vehicle and hit another car travelling in the opposite direction. The car turned over after the accident and Marc sustained multiple fractures and a catastrophic brain injury as a result of the accident.

Marc’s mother and grandfather made a car crash injury compensation claim on behalf of Marc and the Royal Courts of Justice in London heard that, since the collision in May 2006, Marc has made a better recovery than had been expected but still needs 24 hour care and rehabilitation support – and will do so for the rest of his life.

The Court also heard that the driver had accepted liability for the accident and that Marc had already received a lump sum and interim payments of accident compensation for injured front seat passenger. This had allowed Marc´s family to purchase an appropriate home and provide the care that Marc has required for the past five years.

The final car passenger accident compensation settlement figure was not revealed by the Court, but is anticipated to be above 1 million pounds.

Hit and Run Compensation For Another Cyclist

After the news of a catastrophically injured cyclist who last month received compensation for a hit and run accident, another cyclist has been awarded hit and run compensation after the car driver that knocked him from his bike was traced and charged with reckless driving.

Jack Dixon (59) was cycling his bike from his local station to his home in Great Waltham, Essex, during a September evening in 2010, when a car cut left immediately in front of him to avoid some temporary traffic lights that were situated directly ahead. The car struck the front wheel of the cycle with force, and sent Jack tumbling onto the road – leaving him with a fractured shoulder blade and a dislocated shoulder.

The motorist speeded off, but a bystander who had witnessed the accident gave chase and was able to take down the car´s registration number. Police and solicitors acting on behalf of Jack were eventually able to track down the reckless motorist, who accepted liability for accident and Jack´s injuries. The solicitors got in touch with the driver´s insurance company, and a settlement of 11,000 pounds hit and run compensation was negotiated.