Month: February 2013

Baggage Handler Electric Shock Accident Claim Resolved Out of Court

An employee in the baggage handling section at Dublin Airport, who suffered two electric shocks when attempting to attach a power cable to a Boeing 737, has resolved his baggage handler electric shock accident claim out of court.

Patrick Kemmy (39) from Blanchardstown in Dublin made the electric shock at work compensation claim after suffering an injury while trying to connect the electric cable to the plane at Dublin Airport in April 2009. At first Mr Kemmy believed it was some aspect of the task that he had done incorrectly which led to the first electric shock, but on a second attempt he sustained an even larger shock.

The accident left Patrick suffering from a tingling down his right arm – which he still experiences from time to time  almost four years after the event – chest pains, headaches, a shortness of breath and neck pains. Due to the injuries suffered in the baggage handling accident, Patrick has missed work on nine or ten occasions.

Patrick alleged, in his compensation case, that his employers Servisair and the Dublin Airport Authority had permitted him to use a power cable which was not properly insulated against the ingress of water which, as it was raining on the day in question, led to the electrical accident.

Despite the Dublin Airport Authority and Servisair denying their liability for Patrick´s injuries at first shortly before the case was to be heard at the High Court, officials were advised that the claim had been resolved out of court.

How much Patrick received in his baggage handler electric shock accident claim was not revealed.