Month: November 2020

Burger King Accident Compensation of €7,000 Awarded to Boy (12)

A boy from Wexford has been awarded €7,000 in relation to an accident that occurred in a Dublin-based Burger King fast food outlet.

Judge John O’Connor was told, in the Circuit Civil Court, that a toilet door halled fallen off its hinges it hit the young three-year-old boy, and his father, who had been using the facilities in the Burger King Dublin restaurant.

Representing 12-year-old Jamie Mulholland – from Whiterock Drive, Whitebrook, Wexford Town – counsel Barry Browne informed the court that the fallen door the door had knocked Jamie’s father on top of him, injuring him in the process.

Appeared with Bismilla Solicitors Mr Browne advised the judge that Mr Mulholland and his son were seated in a cubicle-shaped area in the Nutgrove Shopping Centre Burger King outlet when the accident occurred in 2012. At the time Jamie three-years old, just two months shy of his fourth birthday celebration. Mr Browne said: “The cubicle door became detached from its hinges and fell on Mr Mulholland causing him to fall on top of his son.”

Mr Browne informed presiding Judge Justice O’Connor that a fast food restaurant compensation settlement offer of €7,000 had been made to Jamie by the OKR Group, operating as Burger King, and he was asking that the court approve the acceptance of the settlement offer.

He added that, even though he was of the opinion that Burger King would debate the allegation that the door in the restaurant had dropped off its hinges, he felt that if the legal action was permitted to proceed to a full trial setting the group would they would argue that the extent of injuries and suffering endured by Jamies. The court was informed that the young boy had experienced intermittent pain in his neck in the aftermath of the accident.

As he was approving the personal injury compensation settlement Judge O’Connor informed the court that he was of the opinion that the offer was a good one and should be accepted by the court.