Month: September 2021

€60,000 School Injury Compensation for Boy Injured during PE

€6,000 school injury compensation was recently awarded to a schoolboy from Listowel who injured his hand badly during a physical exercise class.

The young male was participating in a PE class. He had an accident involving a window that was already broken, resulting in a serious cut to his right hand. His legal representation, Senior Counsel John Lucey informed the High Court that his client was playing soccer in the school hall when the incident took place. He went on to say that the boy’s right hand collided with the broken window pane. His injuries were quite significant, so much so that he had to undergo a surgical procedure to address the wound that was inflicted.

Referring to an affidavit provided by solicitor Amy Connolly, of Cantillon Solicitors, Mr Lucey SC informed the Judge that the teenager was left with a serious scar and experienced significant pain due to the accident that occurred when he was participating in a physical education class at St. Michael’s College on August 28 2019. He relayed how the incident took place when his then 13-year-old client put his right hand out in front of himself to stop himself when he was running. Sadly his hand fell into a pane of glass which was previously broken and had not been mended.

Due to the accident the young boy was inflicted with a transverse laceration on his right hand palm, his dominant hand. This led to a total division of the radial nerve in his right index finger and bruising to the ulnar digital nerve of the right thumb.

Medical testimony was provided by surgeon Mr Eoin O’Broin who informed the court that the teenager eventually returned to a full range of movement of his right hand. He added that long-term prognosis was good and that he should be able to complete the majority of tasks involving manual dexterity.

At the High Court sitting, which was being held in Cork, presiding Judge Justice Kevin Cross informed those present that the young boy was left with a ‘very nasty’ cut and resulting scar due to the school hall accident. The boy is now 15 years old.

Justice Cross asked if the family was satisfied with the ruling of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board which was before the High Court for final approval. In response to this the family advised him that their only misgiving was that their son may suffer ongoing consequences later in his life due to the injury.

Justice Cross gave his approval for the €60,000 school accident compensation award in favour of Ethan Farley, suing through his mother, Helen Farley, of Bunagarha, Listowel, County Kerry.